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Dear Friends:

This past weekend’s Barn Show and Museum Open House was so special. We had great weather, and everything was so beautiful! The trees and the lawn were green from the spring rains, and even the deer that live in the little valley below my Barn came to visit. I want to give a special thanks to my son-in-law and Museum director Corrado Gabellieri for all the care he takes in keeping everything looking so nice.

Family of Ten: Pat was thrilled to meet the Daughty family this past weekend at the Barn - they only have two more children than Pat!

So many new friends came to visit this weekend, and it was such fun to meet them all. I love to show off my home; and, with all the new faces, there was plenty of opportunity. Thank you all for coming!

Lots of people were asking about our Collectors’ Convention that will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, September 22-23. They were excited about my new College of William and Mary print and the two special convention prints. I’m excited, too! Williamsburg is such a beautiful, unique showplace for Virginia, and we’re just thrilled to be having our convention so close to home and in such a special place.

College of William and Mary to be released at the Williamsburg Convention.

I’ll be spending Thursday and Friday of this week in another college town when I visit State College, Pennsylvania, for Old Main Frame Shop & Gallery’s show. Gallery owner Marie Librizzi and sales associate Nicole Book have a fun couple days planned, and I’m very much looking forward to being there. I’ve created a special print that will be released at the show, titled Centre County Round Barn.

Centre County Round Barn to be released at Old Main Frame Shop and Gallery during Pat's visit there July 13-14. For information, call (814) 237-3442.

After Old Main’s show, I’ll be heading over to Hanover, Pennsylvania, for a show with Martin’s Gallery Saturday and Sunday. Les and Pat Martin and their family are old and dear friends, and I’m always delighted to be with them and their collectors. Saturday morning, I’ll be having breakfast before the show at the Dutch Country Restaurant with members of the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society. I can’t think of a better way to start my day!

Star Barn Winter to be released at Martin's Gallery during Pat's visit there July 15-16. For more information, please call (717) 632-3355.

I have to end this newsletter on a sad, serious note. Another dear friend passed away due to cancer last weekend, and I feel that we really need to do more to fight this dreadful disease. Please, please, please go get your mammograms, colonoscopies, and other exams on time. Don’t put them off! Early detection is so important. Please also support your local walks and fundraisers; help them all you can so that a cure may one day be found.

Bless you!


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