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Hello Friends,

I have just returned from Panama and I am pleased with the outcome of my painting session. The weather was wet, wet, and more wet, and I stayed hunkered down in my studio without any reason to leave until Malcolm and I ventured out for supper.

Pat with Autumn Blessings.
Pat displays Autumn Blessings, the large
Pennsylvania convention print.

My biggest challenge was to complete the painting for the Pennsylvannia Convention that will be held in Lancaster in October. Convention paintings matter greatly to me. They are the ultimate test because so many of my collectors will see them. For me they feel like an end of term paper on which my work of the past months will be judged.

As I await your judgement on Autumn Blessings, I am quietly confident. When I completed the last of the brush strokes and stood back, I felt I had achieved my very best. It was as if I had skated a perfect ten. I hope you do not think I am bragging. I am just exuberant over this painting. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This weekend I will be in Waynesboro for the Musuem and Barn At Home. On Monday I am visiting my gallery in Florida, then returning to Virginia on Wednesday for time with my grandchildren followed by the Society's Chapter Training in Charlottesville, August 2-4. I am looking forward to this time of meeting up with some of you. I need it after the solitude of my studio.


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