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Dear Friends,

I spent the past few days in Waynesboro with Becky and granddaughters Sofie and Michela. They are over from Italy for a couple weeks. My oldest son John and his friend Maureen joined us this weekend, and they took the children blackberrying. They picked an enormous amount of blackberries, and Becky made a huge cobbler for the whole family. Of course, Ginny and her family were there, too.

The blackberries were ripe for the picking!

I apologize for this newsletter being so short. I leave Thursday for my Collectors’ Convention in Ames, Iowa, and I have much preparing to do. There are always so many little details that have to be taken care of at the last minute.

John and Chiara search for the best ones.

The conventions could not happen without my staff, and I would like to take this opportunity to let them know that I truly appreciate all that they do. They organize the whole thing, coordinate with the venue staff, pack everything we need into a moving van, drive the van to the convention center, unload it, set up the displays, and break it down at the end, repack it, and haul it back to Mathews—not to mention staffing the convention itself!

Sofie wasn't thrilled with the outing.

I want to also thank the many collectors who volunteer at each convention. They are a tremendous help and an awful lot of fun! We really get to know them well, and they have become part of “the Moss family.”

Maureen offers Chiara a helping hand.

Well, I’m off to pack! I’ll have convention pictures to share with you next week.


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