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Hello All,

I have had a wonderful weekend in Waynesboro. More than fourteen hundred visitors came to the Museum and most of them looked in to chat with me at the Barn. My eldest daughter Mary and her three children visited for the three days and we had wonderful evenings together.

Photo of Pat with Mattie at the Barn.
Mattie Clear, aged six, discusses her art work with Pat at last
weekend's open house at the Barn. Looking on are her brother,
mother and grandmother. Mattie is a three year member of the
Fledglings, the junior branch of the P. Buckley Moss Society.

Weekends such as this leave me physically exhausted but spiritually on a high. After the seclusion of painting in Panama, meeting up with old friends and making new is a real reward for the hours spent on my own. I thank all of you who honored me with your presence.

Photo of Pat with Mary and family.
Pat with oldest daughter Mary and grandchildren Katie,
Sarah (leaning on her mother's shoulder) and Sean at
the Waynesboro home of Ginny and Corrado.

I get great pleasure from time spent with Mary's children. Each is so individual. Katie is the quiet thinker, sensitive and artistic. Sarah is the outgoing jock who plays softball, basketball and soccer. Sean is the comedian, much loved by his teachers for his unique style. Unfortunately this weekend Kerry, their Dad, was on call for The Radford Hospital where he is an orthopedic surgeon and could not join us. Mary barbecued on two of the evenings and even Corrado, Ginny's Italian husband and gourmet cook, gave her a high rating.

Ginny, Corrado and their two, Picco and Chiara, were with us on Sunday night when we went to the Go-Cart race track. It was my first time in a go-cart. It was a thrill and I had to drive fast to keep the grandkids from bumping me.

Image of Pat in the Go-Cart.
On the circuit, Pat about to be passed by grandson Picco.

I am visiting our gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the start of this week and then I will be back to Mathews, Virginia, for the weekend and a visit from son John.

Have a good week.



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