Dear Friends,

I am happy to be home though I have come back to a garden that is in urgent need of my attention.

The weeds were taking over.

In my last week of painting in my Panama studios, I worked on an oil painting of two horses, this year's Christmas print image and a painting of downtown Chicago's famous water tower. The horses and the Christmas print have a way to go yet. In the latter I have children watching from the window for the arrival of Grandpa and Grandma. I have some extras to add to this image but I am going to keep mum about it until you see the final outcome.

This year's Christmas print in progress. No name yet.

This Panama session worked well and I have completed all that I set myself to do before returning for the convention in Richmond this coming weekend.

I left Panama carrying in my mind the faces of the children and, in particular the children who attend the Society's English program.

There are places in the world where people doubt the sincerity of our country when we say we want to help those who are less fortunate. There is no such doubt amongst these children and their parents. They know they have true friends in the United States whose caring brings about their English classes. I thank you on their behalf.

The children of Carenero Elementary thank you!

Help Children's Charities:
My most important message this week is in the form of a request. I would love to have your help to find recipients for the prints we give to charities for fundraising.

As you may know, in cooperation with the Society and Moss dealers, thousands of dollars are raised each year through a program that donates prints to charities working for the benefit of children. Together with the Society, I am hoping to considerably increase our print donations and thereby the sums we raise for these charities in the coming years.

Since the Society assumed responsibility for the Charity Print Donation Program in 1990, more than $2 million have been raised by raffles and auctions. This is how it all works.

The Moss Portfolio and I give five prints from most editions to the Society, which then distributes the prints to suitable children's charities in this country and overseas that produce a valid plan for turning a print into operating funds.

On our last night in Panama, we ate at Monolo's Restaurant. Malcolm's plate of one hundred baby clams cost $4.50. (There were actually 116 of them). I chose a seafood pasta.

By "children's charities," we mean any accredited non-profit organization that has a bearing on children. This definition covers a wide variety of charities including those dealing with cancer, with assistance to dysfunctional families, with the vast array of children's learning and leisure activities and a multitude more, such as rescue squads and special needs technology for the handicapped.

If the majority of the money will have a direct or indirect benefit to a child, the organization will fall within our definition. The donation may be requested directly by the charity, or by an organization raising funds for that charity. All proceeds must go to the charity.

The fund raising on a print is not expected to be sufficient to meet the whole need of a situation but nevertheless it is a contribution and at the same time draws attention to the charity it benefits.

Charities within the definition can apply for an application form from the Society office or on the Society web site. In the application they must describe their purpose and status and provide a plan of action by which to turn a donated print into funds. Raffles are our preferred fund raising activity because a well planned and executed raffle can raise many times the value of the print.

The Water Tower, Miracle Mile, Chicago. Completed in Panama

If the plan meets the approval of the Society, a suitable print will be donated. All that is asked is that the recipient let us know the results of the fundraiser, i.e., how much net cash was generated for the charity.

Many recipient organizations find the Charity Print Donation Program so successful that they request a print each year. Our next donation is dependent on the success of the previous event. The greater the earnings, the more significant will be the next donation.

If the Society does not hear back from the charity with a report on the result of the fundraiser, there will not be a further donation.

Oil on canvas. Two horses. Work in progress.

Now I am asking you to help us make the program known to appropriate children's charities in your home area. Please take a moment to think of who would be interested in your home town and then put them in touch with the Society.

For more information about the Charity Print Donation Program, see the Society's web site or contact the Society Administrator, Lance Allen.

This coming weekend:
On Friday I head for Richmond to be with those of you who are coming to the convention at the downtown Marriott. We open the exhibit of my paintings with a wine and hors d'oeuvres reception that evening and then continue with events through midday Sunday. If you are thinking of joining me there, you can drop in for any part of the weekend, and remember, I will be happy to personalize any two of my prints that you bring with you from home.

Next week I will tell you about the weekend's happenings.



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