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Dear Friends:
It has been a week since my Mediterranean Cruise, and I think I’m finally over the jet lag.  If I haven’t been myself, it’s because I was still on European time.  It has been a joy to have a whole week in Mathews, Virginia, and I’m feeling much better now.
Right before I left for Italy last month, I went on the Mathews County Historic Home Tour that was sponsored by the Mathews County Historical Society.  There were five homes on the tour, but I didn’t get to see them all because I got a late start.  Therefore, I was thrilled this weekend when I was invited by my friends Clement and Pat Dickey to see The Inn at Tabbs Creek, a.k.a. The Billups House, which is one of the houses I missed on the day of the tour.  The Inn is owned by Clement and Pat’s daughter Lori and her husband Greg Dusenberry.

The main house of the Inn is known as The Billups House.  It dates to around 1815-1820 and was built by Captain Billups, a well-known sea captain in his time.  The Inn has been completely remodeled in 2009.  Standing L. to R.:  me, Lori & Greg Dusenberry (owners), and Pat and Clement Dickey (Lori’s parents).

This place is truly a jewel.  Nearly all the windows provide a view of the water, and it is so relaxing.  The Billups House, the main house of the Inn, contains the Library/Lounge, the Office, a Gathering Room, the dining room and the lounge/dining room, a screened porch, and two decks, as well as the newly remodeled kitchen.  The second floor has three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The Inn at Tabb’s Creek has a very inviting swimming pool.  The building in the background is The Garden House, which has two suites, each with a sitting room and bedroom and private bath, plus an additional bedroom with a private bath.  Standing with me are Greg and Lori Dusenberry, the owners.

The Inn also has a dock and a boat ramp.  Mathews is perfect for canoeing and kayaking, as well as bicycling.  If you’re coming to Mathews and need a place to stay, I highly recommend The Inn.  For more information, contact Lori and Greg at 804-725-5136 or

P. Buckley Moss Museum receptionist Jenny Horn, left, awarded Sheila Hart, right, of Knightdale, NC, her gift certificate for being the Monthly Mystery Winner for July.  Sheila, her sister, and her brother-in-law visited the Museum on July 18.  It was Sheila’s first visit to the Museum.  What luck!  For more information on the Museum’s Monthly Mystery Winner Program, please see my February 11, 2009, newsletter.  The daylily behind Jenny and Sheila is the P. Buckley Moss Daylily that was developed and named after me by Stuart and Diane Kendig of Perfect Perennials in York, Pennsylvania.  It was in full bloom last weekend.

This past weekend the Moss Museum participated in the Daylily & Wine Festival at the André Viette Farm & Nursery in Fishersville, Virginia.

Flag ceremony at the Daylily & Wine Festival in Fishersville, Virginia.

I would like to share with you a very nice letter I received from a collector.  I receive so many wonderful letters from people who enjoy my art, and they all inspire and encourage me.
“Ms. Moss,
“You and your work are woven into my life story from 1973 through present day.  I’ve taken the time to thank you for what you’ve done.  First, let me introduce myself.  When I first met your art, I was [a] college kid at VPI & SU in 1973.  You had a piece at The Art Shoppe in Christiansburg [Virginia].  I scrounged for cash and bought it.  Now I am a happily married lady at age 55 named Debra Toney Capps with two fine sons to boot.  Friends of mine attended your signing, I hope!, and brought 5 prints from my collection.  Let me progress, I married in 1976 bought a wedding print, had kid 1 in 1981 bought more, kid 2 in 1985, ditto.  As the brothers grew we added more prints that reminded us of their times together.  Other events like their graduations, etc. prompted more Moss Art purchases.  You have to know now that I am a survivor of 9/11/01.  “Suffer Them to Come [to Me]” buckled my knees when I saw the original at your gallery in ’02, I think.  Also, your canine tribute means a lot to me (long story).  My dining room wall is total Moss.  Your art calms and centers me.  Blessings!  Debbie”

Debra Capps
College Station, TX
Thanks for writing, Debbie!

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