Dear Friends:

The big move is well under way in Waynesboro, Virginia, as we transition from my Museum to two new galleries, one in downtown Waynesboro and the other in Blacksburg.  Not everyone has heard the news of the Museum’s closing, however, and we are having to turn people away as we pack up.

So far, the paintings in the Museum’s permanent collection have been moved to my Barn home on Heritage Drive.  When people come to the new gallery’s first show and my Barn Open House October 10-12, they’ll be able to view the permanent collection at The Barn.  The piano from the Museum looks wonderful in the new gallery at 223 Gilbert Street in Blacksburg.  We hope to have live music there on special occasions.  The new gallery at 329 West Main Street in Waynesboro is scheduled to open sometime in August and will be managed by my daughter Ginny and her husband Corrado.  Many of you know Corrado as being the Director of the Museum, and he also does my framing.  His framing equipment and supplies have already been set up at the new gallery, and Ginny is choosing colors for the paint.  Ginny is a perfectionist and has said that she will not open until it’s perfect.  This week, the dollhouse that has been entertaining visitors to the Museum will go into the front window of the new Waynesboro gallery.  We are thrilled with the gallery’s neighbors.  We have a lunch place next door and a dinner place a few buildings up the street.  Parking is in the rear, and hopefully there will be enough room for everyone.  My daughter Becky, who is the manager of the Blacksburg gallery, is going back and forth checking on the gallery in Blacksburg and helping with the move from the Museum to The Barn.  My children have been so wonderful with the move, each taking responsibility for something so I haven’t had to worry about it.

This coming Sunday, my daughter Mary and I will be headed for New York.  My granddaughter Sarah is finished with graduate school up there, and we’re moving her back to Radford.  She had a wonderful year at Columbia University.  She loves a real challenge.  She’s so much like her mother and father in that respect.  We plan on the way home to visit my mother’s old home in Mill Rift, Pennsylvania.

Work is being done on my studio at my new lake house in Radford.  The etching presses are here, as are the silkscreen equipment and all of the paint and inks.  Things aren’t finished yet, but within a month everything should be pretty well done.  Hopefully, this winter Becky and I can work on etchings.  She’s very excited about it.  It will be great to be able to work on etchings at my own home, and I’ve concentrated on having the best equipment.  It’s great to continue to have challenges in life—I think it’s important to be challenged all the time.

The movers, with the heaviest part of the etching press (the bed).

The blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are ripe in Radford, and my yard has been inundated with deer.  It’s so nice to see them outside my studio window, standing among the trees and rocks.

Another exquisite quilt has arrived for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  This one is the third pieced by Jeannine McNeill of Topton, North Carolina, and stitched by Linda Gorman of Blairsville, Georgia.  This time, they chose one of my hand-painted centerpieces featuring a pair of robins to work with.  The picture does not do it justice!  It will be either raffled or auctioned in a future fundraiser to benefit the Foundation.

Jeannine McNeill (left) and Linda Gorman (right) with their third quilt for the Foundation.



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