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Dear Friends:

Last week I told you that I was awaiting the arrival of my daughter Patty, who is moving here from Colorado. Patty arrived Friday afternoon, and I am so very happy to have her here. She’ll be living next door to me in Mathews, Virginia, in the farmhouse I originally purchased for my mother. We’ve been very busy cleaning and moving and rearranging furniture in “Gran Liz’s House,” as we still call it. We’re going to have to start calling it “Patty’s House” from now on.

I was planning to show you a picture of Patty and me, but we’ve been too busy to get someone to take one of us together! Instead, I’ll show you a picture of a painting I’ve just completed for The Frame Up in Occoquan, Virginia. The Frame Up is having a “Show Without Moss” September 22-26, and Trick or Treat Fun will be released for the first time at their show. It was fun, indeed, for me to create this painting. It was Frame Up owner Marlene McManus’ idea, but I used family photos for inspiration. The little bumblebee is my grandson Sean, and Harry Potter is my grandson Picco. The skeleton head scarecrow and the witch are Picco’s friends. While painting I remembered Halloweens past and getting all six of my children dressed up to go out. It was such innocent fun.

Pat painted Trick or Treat Fun for The Frame Up in Occoquan, Virginia where it will be released September 22 at their "Show Without Moss.

The whole country is in a heat wave, and Mathews is no different. Of course, summers here are normally very hot due to the high humidity that comes along with the Chesapeake Bay and the numerous rivers and creeks that surround the area. Thank God for air conditioning and shade trees! People around here get their outside work done early in the morning or at dusk, staying inside during the hottest part of the day. This morning Patty and I cleaned out my garage!

This newsletter is a short one; I have to get ready to leave for Waynesboro. We’re hosting a meeting at the Museum this weekend for our authorized Moss dealers. This is a forum where we share information and discuss ideas for the future. It’s an informal, comfortable setting that’s always productive.

Before signing off, I’ll leave you with one more painting I’ve completed. Autumn at the Cloister will be released as a print edition at People’s Place Gallery’s show in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, November 11-12. I’ll be at the show, too!

Autumn at the Cloister is Pat's painting for People’s Place Gallery’s show with Pat in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, November 11-12. The painting features the Ephrata Cloister, which is administered today by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

’Til next week…take care and keep cool!


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