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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you from Myrtle Beach, where I’m spending a few days with my girls and their children. We’ve been having a great time swimming in the ocean and walking the beach. Next week I’ll have some pictures to show you.

Michelle Berrier, Judi Berrier, Pat and Cathy Williams at the dinner dance.

The 50's Dinner Dance at the convention was rockin'!

Cindy Dayton was the cross stitch competition winner.

What fun the Collectors’ Convention in Ames, Iowa, turned out to be! I saw so many old and dear friends this past weekend and made quite a few new ones, too.

Al Sandstrom enjoyed the attention of the beauties of the 1950's.

These costume parade participants portrayed the Moss print Happy Birthday.

Mary Lou and Fred McMillan heat up the dance floor.

I want to thank everyone who came to see me and all who participated in the fundraising events. Preliminary totals show that we raised around $8,000.00 for the Foundation for Children’s Education. The money will be used to support more children’s programs at the museum and to help out schools that would like to incorporate our ideas for art activities into their own curricula.

Pat and son-in-law Corrado twist the night away.

Susan Rix of Finishing Touch Gallery won the popular choice award in the framing competition.

Mike McFall and Laura DeRamus were crowned King and Queen of the Dance.

Lance "Elvis" Allen of the Society shows off his moves.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have to share with you. Everyone looked terrific dressed up in their ’50’s costumes for the Saturday night Dinner Dance. I must confess that I turned in somewhat earlier than most. There were many who “twisted the night away!”


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