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Dear Friends:

This past weekend I was in Berlin Creek, Ohio, with the beautiful hills and the Amish buggies, for a show with Berlin Creek Gallery. I stayed at the Miller Haus B & B, and it was so very special. It was situated on top of a hill, and my room had the most gorgeous view of the surrounding farmland, hills, and homes.

Pat's view from the Bed and Breakfast. Not pictured are the many pheasant, emu and llama that made up the rest of Pat's view.

The food was divine, and it felt more like being at home than being away. The owners and the other guests were all so much fun to be with. Thank you, Lee Ann Miller and your wonderful family, for such a comfortable and happy weekend!

If you’ve ever been to Berlin Creek Gallery, I don’t have to tell you that the show was fun, fun, fun! Owner Nancy Tarzan is one of the most welcoming, hospitable people—a very caring, fun-loving person. Her staff admire her, and when you meet her you’ll know why.

Nancy had her staff all wear yellow P. Buckley Moss Society shirts. They were all so easy to spot that I knew just where to send collectors with questions. I thought it was a wonderful idea to have everyone in bright yellow, and I’m considering doing it at my future Collectors’ Conventions.

Pat and Nancy Tarzan (center right), owner of Berlin Creek Gallery, sporting their distinctive yellow Society shirts.

The show was kicked off with a dinner Thursday night at Grandma’s Alpine Homestead Restaurant, which is also owned by Lee Ann Miller and her family. We unveiled the original of the show print Der Weiss Homestead. Larry D. Miller, a descendent of Der Weiss, who was the original owner of the property on which the farm in the painting is located, was on hand to tell the history of the farm. He even dressed up as Der Weiss, who in his later years took to wearing all white to symbolize his purity of spirit.

Pat and Larry "Der Weiss" Miller in the gazebo at Berlin Creek Gallery.

The farm in the print is just down the road from the gallery, and I got to ride past it every evening on my way back to the B & B with Lee Ann. Lee Ann gave me a running history of everything we passed along the way. One night we saw a group of Amish boys and girls playing volleyball. There were eight courts of boys and girls! Lee Ann told me that they often stay out there until midnight and that was how the young people meet and get to know one another. The Amish “court” on volleyball courts!

I met so many Miller’s last weekend. An old friend of mine, who is also a Miller, visited me at the show, and it was so nice to see her again. I remember Mary Miller on a Society trip with us years ago. A group of Society members on the tour would get together and sing. Mary had the most beautiful voice! She and her family own a very nice hotel in the area.

I was delighted when the members of the Trees of Life Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society appeared at the show. They traveled all the way from the Archbold, Ohio, area to be with me. I’ll be in Archbold August 11-12 for the Society’s Chapter Training event and a show with the Corner Gallery. I was so happy to see the Trees of Life folks that I invited them to dinner with me Friday night at Lee Ann’s restaurant where the kick-off dinner was held the night before. The restaurant normally closes at 8:00 p.m., and we got there at 7:45 p.m. Lee Ann graciously let us in anyway.

Pat with the Trees of Life Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society and Nancy Tarzan (right, in yellow).

Saturday night’s dinner was held in the home of a very nice Amish family, the Miller’s, of course! What a wonderful, gracious family!

I almost don’t know what to do with myself this week, because I don’t have a show scheduled for either this weekend or the next one. I say “almost,” because I really will be busy. I have lots and lots of show paintings to work on!

I’ll leave you with the image that will be released at Corner Gallery’s show August 11-12. He Walks with Us features the Lockport Covered Bridge, which is located in an Ohio State Park called Goll’s Woods. The Lockport Mennonite Church and cemetery are in the background behind the bridge. I’ve been told that on nice days, the church often holds Sunday School classes at the bridge.

He Walks With Us will be released August 11-12 during Pat's appearance at Corner Gallery, Archbold, OH. For show details, call (419) 445-8161.

’Til next week…


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