Dear Friends:

My daughter Mary and I drove up to New York City Sunday to move my granddaughter Sarah back home after finishing up graduate school at Columbia University.  We had a great time together and even took a tour bus trip around the city.  Can you imagine doing that after having grown up there?  It was a hoot!  We also enjoyed going to the theater and seeing Chicago.

How I ♥ New York!

Enjoying time with my granddaughter Sarah.

Mary, Sarah, and I took in the play

Tuesday we drove out of the city and over to my mother’s home on the Delaware River in Mill Rift, Pennsylvania.  This is where we spent our summers.  It was wonderful to see Mom’s home so well cared for, and I love the colors the owners chose for it.  So many of our old friends and neighbors are still there—some live there permanently and some come back for visits.  I was thrilled to see our dear friends the Loughnane’s, who were up from Florida.  They were going back to Florida and invited me to come stay with them.  They are a joy to be with.  We also walked through the old hotel with the little pavilion where we used to dance in the summer.  It has been remodeled since I saw it last, but we were all wishing it were ours so we could use it for family gatherings.

This is the Delaware River and trestle bridge that connects Pennsylvania and New York.  The rocky area on the right is where I would go swimming during my summers there growing up.  Later, my own children would swim from the same spot.  Mary and Sarah wanted to go swimming for “old time’s sake”, but a cool front had come through and it was too cold that morning.  Instead, they took lots of pictures while I visited with old friends and neighbors.

This was my mother’s home in Mill Rift, PA.  I was very happy to see it so well cared for.

I was delighted to see my old friends The Loughnane’s.  Mary and I are pictured with them.

It was so good to see Carol Haney again.  She and her parents were our neighbors.

Mary had a good time catching up with her friend Linda Flansburg.

I visited my parents’ graves at Mill Rift Cemetery and paid my respects.  My father was known affectionately as Buck, and nearly everyone in the “Moss World” knew my mother as Gran Liz.

On Thursday, Mary and I will be driving down to Bristol, which is half in Virginia and half in Tennessee, for the grand opening of the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.  In conjunction with Up Against the Wall Gallery of Kingsport, Tennessee, I have created a special print edition and poster to commemorate the event.  I will be at the new museum in Bristol on Friday, August 1, at 11:00 a.m. for the unveiling and a signing event; and, on Saturday, August 2, I’ll be at the dedication ceremony, which will be followed by another signing opportunity.  Mary and I are both very excited!

Birthplace of Country Music Museum is being released in conjunction with Up Against the Wall Gallery of Kingsport, TN, during the grand opening celebration of the museum August 1-2.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 423-246-7210.

This poster is also being released during the grand opening for the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.


I’m pleased to announce that work has started on the new memorial walkway area at The Barn.


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