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Dear Friends:

I was so inspired by the Columbus Blue Jackets team and the children they are helping with their Hats for Heroes Program, which is dedicated to fighting pediatric cancer. I met them at a fundraising dinner this past Friday evening at the Fun Times Farm in New Albany, Ohio, which is owned by the Shepherd family. What a beautiful place and what a beautiful evening! Those big, tough professional hockey players were so wonderful with the children—they were like big kids themselves—and the children were amazing. I saw them facing the challenges their illness causes them with courage and maturity and still enjoying life and being children.

I published two special print editions for the fundraiser and Saturday’s show with Gallery Art Center in Columbus, Ohio. Suzi Campbell and her fabulous family at Gallery Art Center donated ten percent of the sales of True Heroes-Together We Fight and Fun Time on the Farm to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation’s Hats for Heroes Program.

Pat with the Gallery Art Center staff, from top left, clockwise: Eileen Rumley, Pat, Mary Borlo, Jackie Campbell, and Suzi Campbell.

Together again! Pat and Mary Borlo, mother of Suzi Campbell of Gallery Art Center, are old friends and were so happy to have the opportunity to catch up on each other’s latest news.

I met so many generous and compassionate people during the weekend, but one of my highlights had to be receiving my very own Columbus Blue Jackets official team jersey, complete with my name and the number 07 on the back!

Pat was thrilled to receive her very own Columbus Blue Jackets team jersey, which was presented to her by #45 Jody Shelley (far right) and his wife Mandy (far left).

Another highlight of my visit was when Brian and John of Vinyl Hair Salon picked me up Saturday morning before Gallery Art Center’s show and did my hair and nails! I felt so beautiful all day and all evening. Brian and John come to see me every time I’m in Columbus and always say they are going to do my hair one day; this time they did and I was so glad!

Pat was whisked away to the Vinyl Hair Salon in Columbus to get her hair and nails done before Saturday’s show at Gallery Art Center. She got the royal treatment

Suzi, Mary, their business partner Peter Vatsures, and their staff and volunteers had the gallery looking so nice. I was so happy to be there and see friends old and new.

Gallery Art Center looked so nice on Saturday.

Dr. Basil Bisca and his Westie Seth came to see Pat at Saturday’s show. Pat was so taken by Seth when they met two years ago that she published a print edition of him titled My West Highland Terrier.

My delightful weekend was topped off with dinner with members of the Gallery Art Center family and good friends. I’m so blessed to be in such wonderful company!

The Gallery Art Center Saturday Night Dinner Group.

This weekend I’ll be with my old friends Marcinda Mers and Jill Whitt at Designer Art & Framing in Russell, Kentucky. I have many happy memories of the Ashland area, and I’m looking forward to returning and making more. We’ll release The Good Ole Days, which depicts the childhood home of Naomi Judd of the mother-daughter singing group The Judd’s. Naomi’s mother Polly Judd still lives there and graciously gave me permission to include her home in one of my paintings.

The Good Ole Days will be released at Designer Art & Framing’s show August 3-4. For more information, contact the gallery at 606-833-1380.

’Til next week…



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