Dear Friends:

We are having the best weather in Alaska!  It was absolutely beautiful in Denali National Park, and I’ve been enjoying my time with my daughter Mary and grandson Sean.  We have seen every animal one could possibly see, including the State Bird of Alaska, which is the Willow Ptarmigan; whales; bears; moose; caribou; and Dall sheep.  Everything you hear about Alaska is true, but you have to be there to see it with Mary and Sean!  I went on a wild jeep ride with the two of them, going up and down 45-degree hills and through mud holes.  We went up a road that was in the book Into the Wild, and people are told not to go up there.  Of course, we went a little ways up anyway and had a great time.

How wonderful to experience Denali National Park in Alaska with my daughter Mary and grandson Sean!

Bear and Dall sheep at Denali National Park.

We are now on our cruise ship along the Alaskan Coast.  Our group meets every evening in the “Crow’s Nest” on the ship and discusses what we’ve seen.  From there, we have seen ice bergs and whales.  We’ve even seen the ice bergs calving, which is when a large portion of the ice breaks off.

In the Crow’s Nest onboard our cruise ship.

Marjorie Glacier at Glacier Bay, Alaska.

…more next week!


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