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Dear Friends,

Last week I promised you pictures of my daughters, their children, and myself at Myrtle Beach, and here they are! The photos are courtesy of Angela Fellenz Photography of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love it that they’re in black and white.

Pat's grandchildren in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Pat and her girls.

Angela and Pat discuss the differences and similarities of their art.

My daughters Mary, Ginny, Becky, and Patty were all there together at the same time, and this was a special treat for me. I get to see Mary and Ginny regularly because they live in Virginia, but not so with Becky and Patty who live in Italy and Colorado, respectively. We had a fantastic time playing games in the water with all the kids and making sand castles on the beach. One day we all tie-dyed T-shirts, and one evening we had a Jimmy Buffet party, complete with Caribbean-themed decorations and clothes.

The Jimmy Buffet party in full swing.

A quiet dinner at Marker 51.

Around the same time that we were in Myrtle Beach, my son Chris and his family were on vacation at Fire Island, New York. Chris and his wife Lisa have three darling little girls, Kristina, Diana, and Amanda. My New York granddaughters spent their vacation taking sailing lessons and participating in arts and crafts activities—no TV!

Pat's New York granddaughters: Diana, Amanda and Kristina.

Pat's son Chris, wife Lisa and their girls.

Soon after Becky, Sofie, and Michela arrived from Italy a couple weeks ago, we were on our way to Mathews from Waynesboro and stopped by my friend Mary Jo Hopkins’ farm. Mary Jo lives in Louisa, Virginia, and often volunteers to help out at my Open Houses at The Barn. We thought we were surprising her with lunch, but she had already made lunch for us, so we had a double lunch. Mary Jo sent us home with a delicious chocolate cake.

Lunch is served at Mary Jo Hopkins' farm.

As you know, my museum often hosts groups of performing artists, and a few weekends ago it hosted a concert performed by The Moonlighters. The Moonlighters have a large following in Waynesboro. The concert was one of four held in conjunction with the Shenandoah Arts Center over the summer months. I’m very happy that my museum supports not only the visual arts but the performing arts as well.

The Moonlighters entertaining at the Museum.

Until next week.

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