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Dear Friends:

I've been blessed with quiet painting time for most of the summer, listening to books on tape while I work. Bless our libraries! They keep me supplied with the books on tape, and life is good when I'm totally engrossed in my work and a good story-Wilbur Smith has been my latest friend.

Members of my staff and I will host our summer dealers' meeting in Waynesboro, Virginia, this weekend. I'm looking forward to showing them my new work and new products and hearing their ideas.

The fall season will be a busy one for me, but what fun to see friends in different parts of our beautiful country. I'll be in the north, south, east, and west of the country, and I'm looking forward to meeting people and seeing the change in the seasons before I head to Florida for the winter. Please visit my website to find a show near you.

Best wishes to all the college-bound kids as they prepare to go off to school this month-and safe travels!


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