August 4, 2011

Dear Friends:

I spent a wonderful, restful weekend with my daughter Mary at her cabin on Claytor Lake, which is located in Virginia’s New River Valley.  It’s so private and quiet there, and we watched all the good old movies that we love.  We laughed hard at some and sympathized with others.  It was a good weekend.

We watched the sun go down from Greg and Patty Oakley’s dock on Claytor Lake.  They are Mary’s friends and neighbors.

Last week I mentioned that my grandson Sean Donnelly and some of his friends came all the way from Radford to visit me in Mathews before going to a concert in Virginia Beach.  I think they loved it—they fished off the dock and brought their guitars and played music at night.

My grandson Sean and his friends fishing off his Aunt Patty’s dock on Horn Harbor.  They loved the freedom of the Chesapeake Bay.

The pair of swans that swim up behind my house in Mathews every year are back and have brought their babies to show me.  They are so lovely!

Mama and Daddy Swan with their cygnets.

My daughter Patty, feeding the swans from the footbridge between our two houses.  Horn Harbor is a very large creek that opens into the Chesapeake Bay, and a portion of it comes up behind my house and beside hers.

I’m working on a couple paintings I need to finish before I leave for Italy on August 16.  I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter Becky and her family and all the beautiful wonders of Cortona.



The P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education office has three large windows in the area where they hold the children's programs, which get all the sun and did not have any kind of curtains or shades on them.  Office staff members Brenda Simmons and Pat Carter stretched three canvas panels, and Sharon Morris, one of the summer program art teachers, sketched the three designs on the blank canvas panels.  Each child during the three-week Summer Art Enrichment Program had a hand in painting the canvases, and Brenda and Pat hung them in the Foundation office as canvas shades.  They brighten the office and add a whimsical touch!  If you look really close at the ship it says,
“SS Moss”.

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