Dear Friends:

We’re all looking forward to our Dealers’ Meeting this weekend.  It will give us an opportunity to catch up with our wonderful dealers and share information and ideas in an informal setting.  Marketing and Social Media Strategist Maria Bereket will be our guest speaker.

Here are a few of the new paintings that I’ll be showing the dealers this weekend:

This painting will be my annual Christmas print for this year.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the print edition of the Alexander Black House will benefit its renovation, and we are working with the Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation to determine a release date.  The building is being renovated for use as a cultural center for Blacksburg, VA.  The house was built by Alexander Black from 1897 to 1898, and he lived in it until his death in 1935.  He was a great-great-nephew of town founder William Black, and his father was the first rector of the board of visitors of what is now Virginia Tech.  The house had passed out of the Black family and had been a funeral home for more than sixty years when the Town bought it.  Originally located on Main Street, the house was moved by the Town to its current location on Draper Road.

The Lyric, above, and Flowers of Summer, below, will be released during the show at my gallery in Blacksburg, VA, August 22-23.  The Lyric features its namesake in downtown Blacksburg.  It has operated as a not-for-profit movie theatre and community center since 1998.  For more information on the show, please call the gallery at 540-552-6446.

My daughter Becky’s family is over from Italy, and it’s so good to see my granddaughters Sofia and Michela again.  We had such fun celebrating Michela’s seventeenth birthday.

Celebrating Michela’s 17th birthday at my house in Radford, VA, with her cousins.  Standing, L. to R.:  Sofia, Chiara, Picco, Picco’s girlfriend Ashley, Sarah, and me.  Sitting, L. to R.:  Michela and Sean.


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