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Dear Friends,

I’m back from the Society’s Chapter Training weekend, which was most inspiring. Each year the P. Buckley Moss Society hosts a forum where Society members who are also members of organized chapters can share creative fundraising ideas and fellowship and learn more about my art.

Marlyn DeWaard, Bev Strom, Rosita Villarreal, Ginger Cloonan, Pat, Lance Allen, Al Sandstrom and Martha Witt enjoy a Star Spangled weekend at Chapter Training.

Lunch is served for Jeannie Kleinert and Pauline Corso.

This year over ninety chapter members representing twenty-two chapters attended the training sessions in Charlottesville, Virginia. The theme was “Red, White, and Blue, & Moss, Too.” Because the theme was patriotic in nature and the third anniversary of September 11th is just around the corner, we had two very special guest speakers and were delighted to have the Presentation of the Flag conducted by Eagle and Life Scouts from Troop 241 of Charlottesville and their leader Dave Reynolds. The guest speakers were very inspirational. Their talks made us feel “proud to be American” and made us realize how much we have to be thankful for.

Wayne Kleinert and Al Sandstrom study their materials.

Chapter members work hard on their projects.

Ron Sanders, a twenty-four-year veteran of the Lynchburg Fire & EMS Department who also serves as its Captain, treated us to a slide show about rescue dogs and brought along his canine partner Ondo. Ron also holds the position of Canine Specialist on the Virginia Task Force One (VATA-1), one of 28 FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams and one of two capable of responding internationally. Task Force 1 was dispatched to the Pentagon in the aftermath of September 11th. Ondo is a 5∏-year-old Belgian Malinois certified by FEMA at the advanced level. I was thrilled to have my picture taken with Ron and Ondo. Ron also has a ten-month-old, half Malinois and half German Shepherd named Tomo. Tomo is training to be Ron’s future canine partner.

Ron Sanders, Pat and Ondo.

Laurie Miller shared with us her memories of my mother, whom most of you know as Gran Liz, as well as her memories from September 11th. Laurie and her daughters Elizabeth, Rachel, and Katie were the recipients of the Gran Liz Award, which was a scholarship set up after my mother’s passing in October of 2001 to be given to the family of a fireman or police officer who lost his life on September 11th. As a child Laurie would visit my mother at her home in Mill Rift, Pennsylvania. What started out as piano lessons turned into a lasting friendship. Laurie’s husband Douglas was one of many firefighters who lost their lives on that dreadful day. Douglas served with Rescue 5 in Staten Island, one of five squads within FDNY.

Laurie Miller is presented with Pat's print Fourth of July Baskets by Deb Weisgerber.

Chapter Training also conducted some fundraising activities this past weekend. Friday night’s print raffle raised $396 ($50 was donated to Boy Scout Troop 241, $346 was donated to the Lynchburg Fire & EMS Department). My museum hosted a Children’s Art Show and Auction Saturday night, which raised $213 for the Foundation, and the Saturday night gift raffles raised an additional $726 for the Foundation.

Pat and scouts from Troop 241.

After Sunday morning’s “Walk with Moss,” I have decided that the challenge is on once again! The group who joined me for the walk agreed with me that exercise is the key to weight loss and general good health. I have been taking the time to walk more the last few months and have discovered, much to my delight, that I have dropped two clothing sizes! Won’t you join me?

A little morning exercise for the Sunday morning walkers.

I wish to thank everyone who participated in the planning of Chapter Training weekend as well as those who attended. I encourage those chapter members who have not yet attended to join us in the future for a fun and informational experience.

I spent last Thursday and a good portion of Friday working with my daughter Becky on a silkscreen edition of a very small Madonna. This piece will be available for purchase in the near future. Becky and I greatly enjoyed working together on this Madonna. Even though our artistic styles are different, as everyone is unique, we work together well.

Becky and Pat work on a new silkscreen.

I have also been working on an oil painting depicting the Last Supper, but I’m not ready to show it to you yet. This is a painting that I started some time ago and had to set aside for awhile until it became clear in my mind how I should finish it. I have painted five small Last Supper scenes in the past, one of which was printed and is still available. I enjoy the challenge of painting more than one work of the same subject. This one will be large and in oil instead of watercolor. I plan to continue working on it this winter and hope to show it to you this spring.

Michela and Pat get creative.

After a fulfilling day of work, I was content to sit down with Becky’s youngest daughter Michela and draw just for fun.

Next week I’ll share news and pictures from our Dealers’ Meeting that will be held in Waynesboro this coming weekend.

Until then…

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