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Dear Friends:

I’ve had a wonderful couple weeks relaxing and painting at my home in Mathews, Virginia, on the Chesapeake Bay. My batteries are recharged, and I’m raring to go again! This weekend I’ll be in Archbold, Ohio, for a show with The Corner Gallery.

I’m excited about returning to the Archbold area and seeing all my friends again. I’ve created a special print for the occasion titled He Walks with Us, which features the Lockport Covered Bridge with the Lockport Mennonite Church and cemetery in the background. I’ve put a little bit of myself into this piece, too. Like the woman in the print, I have four girls and two boys!

He Walks with Us will be released at The Corner Gallery in Archbold, Ohio this weekend. For more information, call the gallery at (419) 445-8161.

Also this weekend, the P. Buckley Moss Society will host its annual regional Chapter Training event in Archbold. Chapter Training is a wonderful opportunity for local chapter members to get together and learn from one another.

A few weeks ago, I was the guest speaker at Mathews Art Group’s July meeting. The theme of my talk was the importance of an artist’s being original in his or her work and that success as an artist is a lifelong endeavor. When someone asks me how long it takes me to paint a particular piece, I always respond with my current age, for that is how long it has taken me to acquire the life experience and technique that goes into each painting.

Pat with Clarissa Sheppard, a June graduate of Mathews High School and an upcoming Virginia Wesleyan College art major. Clarissa is this year's recipient of Mathews Art Group's annual $1,000 scholarship.

I am very honored and excited to announce that a flower will be named after me! Lilies are one of my favorite kinds of flower, and I am thrilled that Stuart and Diane Kendig of Perfect Perennials in York, Pennsylvania, want to name one of their new hybrids after me.

The P. Buckley Moss Daylily.


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