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Dear Friends,

Pat with John and AJ Foster and their daughter Ashley, owners
of Foster's Art and Frame from Huntersville, N.C.

Last weekend Malcolm and I were back at the Musuem in Waynesboro for the Summer meeting of gallery owners who carry my paintings and prints. Jake, who now heads our business, staged the meeting and Corrado, our museum director, handled the hospitality side. Both the serious business and the less serious social time went very well and the dealers were unaminous in calling it the best meeting ever.

Peter Cridge, owner of Cridge, Inc. and manufacturer of Pat's porcelain products, enjoys a quiet moment. Peter spoke about the process of making Pat's ornaments and introduced a new series of P. Buckley Moss figurines, currently in production. Peter will be a guest speaker at the P. Buckley Moss Collectors' Convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, October 25–27, 2002.

We were blessed with perfect weather and took our meals in front of the Museum.

What made the meeting such an upbeat event were the new products we were unveiling and in particualar our porcelains and giclée reproductions on canvas. I am thrilled with the quality of both. It is enormously important to me that whatever form my art appears in, the quality of the making is A-1. I could not have been more satisfied with the end results and clearly the gallery owners shared my enthusiasm.

Pat with Susan Krugman of Primrose Interiors enjoy the Saturday night dinner dance.

Members of Pat's staff: Tracy, Anna, Kirsten, Linden, Cathy,
and Corrado, Museum Director.

I am very fortunate. I work with people who care intensely about my art. Thanks to them our business is continuing to grow. This in turn means we are able to extend our help to children's charities. Through the Society, we are donating more prints than ever to charity raffles and raising more funds to help those in need.




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