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Dear Friends:

My daughter Patty and I spent a delightful couple of days in White Sulphur Springs and Lewisburg, West Virginia. We were there for a signing event with Kitten’s Korner Gift Shoppe and to attend the debut of Thursday’s Child, a play written about my life and my work on behalf of learning different children.

The play, which was performed in the Greenbrier Valley Theatre in Lewisburg, was written by Greg Johnson and takes place in a fictional middle school where I spend a Thursday with three problem students, “Thursday’s children.” In the play I tell the students stories of my life and explain that I, too, was a “Thursday’s child,” but I worked hard to rise above my learning differences to become a successful artist. The title Thursday’s Child was inspired by the Mother Goose nursery rhyme “Monday’s child is fair of face…” We Thursday’s children may have “far to go,” but the journey is worth it in the long run.

The debut of Pat’s print Thursday’s Child coincided with the premier of the play by the same name and is dedicated to all “Thursday’s children.”

I had read Greg Johnson’s play, but what a wonderful experience it was for me to see it brought to life. The actress who played the part of me was Becca McCoy, and she even died her hair and included a slight New York accent. The Principal’s part was played by Betsy Conte, and she really made the character fun and exciting. The play was directed by Cathey Sawyer, who brought out the best in everybody.

Pat loved the play and was delighted to meet the cast. Pictured, L. to R.: April the Goth, played by Ryan Roddy; Morgan, played by Mary Spearen; Pat; Thursday’s Child Pat, played by Becca McCoy; Chappy, played by Ben Isabel; the Principal Mrs. Tarbell, played by Betsy Conte; and playwright Greg Johnson.

The play was a great enjoyment for adults and young people alike. My grandson Picco and granddaughter Chiara came to Friday night’s performance. Chiara’s mouth was open in amazement the entire time, and I think Picco fell in love with April the Goth. There wasn’t a sound in the audience the whole time, other than laughter.

We are hoping with all our hearts that this play can be taken to other theatres so lots of people can see it. Greg Johnson is in the process of looking into funding to take the play on the road, with the thought that children could be bussed by their schools to see it. In fact, I wish it could be made into a film so everyone can see it and understand about children with learning differences and how important it is to help them succeed and bring out their talents. This play is very important to me, not because it is about me, but because of its message. If anyone would like to help fund future performances of Thursday’s Child, please contact the P. Buckley Moss Society at 540-943-5678.

It is always a joy to spend time with my friends at Kitten’s Korner in White Sulphur Springs. I want to give Kitten and Ruth a special thanks for supporting the play and for representing my art at the Theatre.

Patty and I returned to Mathews Saturday to get ready for our Dealers’ Meeting this weekend in Waynesboro. After the Dealers’ Meeting ends Sunday, I’ll fly down to St. Petersburg, Florida, for two weeks of painting time. Boy, do I have a lot to get done! I’m looking forward to showing you the finished paintings. I’ll return from Florida just in time to go to Seattle, Washington, for The Puyallup Fair. I’ll be there September 7-9 to display and sign my work. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Washington State, and I’m looking forward to my visit.

Pat has done three paintings that will be released as print editions in Seattle, Washington, during The Puyallup Fair. Denny Hall (top), Husky Stadium (middle), and Mt. Rainier (bottom).

’Til next week…



Forever an Angel

Forever an Angel will be released August 23rd in an edition of 2,500 prints. Pat was first inspired to paint this subject immediately after the tragedy at Virginia Tech in April. You might remember seeing it in its original state, bearing the Tech "VT" emblem in the heart, in the email newsletter Pat wrote at that time.

For very understandable reasons, Virginia Tech has not authorized the use of their VT emblem on for-profit products, even if some of the proceeds raised from their sale are donated to one of the Virginia Tech funds. Pat agreed not to release the piece for sale. However, the interest in the subject and the demand for a print has not diminished. Pat has therefore re-painted the piece without the VT image. At the request of the University, we are not selling it as a memorial to the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. However, from the sale of each print we will donate $6 to the existing P. Buckley Moss Scholarship fund at Virginia Tech, $3 from P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd. and $3 from Moss dealers. The print will retail for $60.

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