Dear Friends:

I’m off to my beautiful Italy!  I put the finishing touches to the two paintings pictured below, so I can leave without any worries.  They’ll be released at shows later this fall.

Penn State University will be released during my show with Martin’s Gallery in Hanover, PA, on October 1.  For more information, or to reserve a special print number, please contact the gallery at 717-632-3355.

Home of the Huskers features Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska and will be released during my show with Ginger’s Hang-Up in Omaha, NE, October 14-15.  For more information, or to reserve a special print number, please contact the gallery at 402-391-6440.

Farewell to my John Deere and to cutting grass for a month…have fun, Kids!

We just announced our 2012 group cruise to Alaska last week, and already there has been lots of interest.  Even though some people have already been on this particular cruise in the past, they are raring to go with us next year.  That tells me that this is going to be such a fun trip!  For more information, contact Stacy’s Travel, 12 E. Front St., Monroe, MI  48161; PH:  734-243-6330; or  Please also visit to view an on-line brochure, or contact Stacy’s Travel if you would like a copy mailed to you.  Also, Society member Carol Thurman has volunteered to be our Society Cruise Coordinator and will be happy to answer questions.  She may be reached at 734-289-3796 or

I wish the quilting people from the West Coast would come and set up their quilting classes, so we could all take classes.  So many of us are interested in quilting.  Hey, Pat Tobin, of Quilt Camp at Sea!  Wouldn’t it be fun to organize a tour with your group at the same time as ours, and we could all be together again?  My daughter Mary and I loved our trip with the all the quilters a couple years ago, and we still see and stay in touch with some of the people we met.  Phyllis Collins and Margaret Reitan were our good buddies on the cruise.  They came to one of my Museum Open House & Barn Shows; and, we were going to visit them in North Carolina, but Phyllis had a set-back.  At any rate, I feel like I made forever friends on that cruise, and I know this one will be the same in that regard.

Stay tuned for pictures from Italy!


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