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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you from St. Petersburg, where I’ll be painting from now through September. When I left our Dealers’ Meeting in Waynesboro, Virginia, Sunday morning, I was worried about my Florida home. I had seen the pictures on the news of the devastation that Hurricane Charley had wreaked on the state, and although I knew the storm had largely spared Tampa Bay I was still concerned until I could see it for my own eyes. I was relieved to find my property undamaged, but I am saddened by the suffering and loss that so many people are having to endure. My prayers are with them.

Carolyn Welch, owner of The Art Loft in Collinsville, Illinois, loves Pat's original painting that will be printed for her fall show. The image commemorates the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

I wish to thank all the dealers who attended this weekend’s Dealers’ Meeting. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with them and exchange ideas. Their input for ideas for future products was invaluable. Some of the things we discussed included jewelry (a necklace and a charm bracelet), a vase, and possible subjects for next year’s snow globe.

Cool weather, unusual for Virginia in August, made eating outside a pleasure for the dealers.

Ne’Qwa Art’s demonstration artist Trieste Cordova treated us to a fascinating demonstration of the ancient Chinese art of reverse painting, which is the technique used to paint the inside of my glass Christmas ornaments. We also enjoyed Bonnie Stump’s presentation, “Symbolism in Moss Art.” Bonnie is my Museum Administrator and serves as the Museum’s archivist, cataloguing my original paintings. She also assists in educational and social functions that occur at the Museum.

Three Moss dealers, Marci Stone of Country Corner, Lois Marsho of Lodan Fine Arts and Kay Weddle of The Framer's Daughter, try the Chinese reverse painting technique.

Bonnie gives an excellent talk on the history of art in general and on the iconography and symbolism in my art in particular. We feel that helping collectors understand the symbolism in my art will guide them in discovering images with personal meaning. We hope to share Bonnie’s lectures with other parts of the country, and hopefully I’ll be showing at the same time.

Several years ago, I decided to stop doing personal appearances with galleries. The pace was getting to me, and I was starting to feel run-down. Today, I’m feeling better than ever, and I have decided to appear at dealers’ shows once again. Having said that, please understand that it will be impossible for me to visit everyone, but I will do the best I can. My motivation for this is to help out my dealers who have been so loyal to me throughout the years. Many of them have suffered from the economic fallout of September 11, 2001, and this is my way of helping them fight back.

Erin Staebell, Children's Programmer, Pat and Diane Devoy, Adult Services Librarian, encourage everyone to visit and support their local public library.

The day before the start of the Dealers’ Meeting, I was very happy to help out the Waynesboro Public Library with a promotion they are doing to encourage people to get library cards. I posed with an oversized library card that will appear in an advertisement in the local newspaper. I want everyone to know that I do indeed have a library card that I use to check out books on tape. I listen to these while I’m in the car and while I’m painting in my studio. I bet a lot of people don’t realize that most libraries also have movies available for checking out. They have wonderful learning programs for children and adults, as well. I truly encourage everyone to support their local public library.

Until next week…


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