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Pat with Patty.
Pat enjoys a quiet moment on the porch swing with her daughter Patty.

Dear Friends,

I have had a relaxing weekend with some of my children-my oldest daughter Mary and her family; Patty who is daughter number three; and oldest son John- all staying at my house and Gran Liz's house.

Malcolm with family in Australia.
Malcolm visits his son's family in Australia: Dougal, his wife Margaret and granddaughter Zoe.

Did I say relaxing? I take that back! Have you ever known a weekend with young active children to be relaxing? No! and nor would I want it to be. I love having them here, seeing their enjoyment and sharing in their enthusiasms. These are very precious times and are what memories are made of, memories to be recalled again and again in the long hours of painting alone in my studio.

Zoe in her crib.
Zoe shows off for her grandfather.

Malcolm is on the other side of the world. He is in Australia visiting Zoe, his youngest granddaughter and her parents, Margaret and Dougal. In an e-mail this morning he tells me that he and Zoe are going looking for Koala bears. He hopes to get a photo of Zoe with a bear for next weeks letter.



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