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Dear Friends:

What a wonderful family of dealers we have, and I do mean family! My children enjoy them so much and always want to come when the Dealers’ Meeting is held in Waynesboro, Virginia, to renew old friendships and start new ones. We really look forward to this fun opportunity to be together.

Dealers from across the country gathered last weekend at The P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia to share ideas and learn from guest speakers Vivian Kistler and John Haffey (pictured here).

I was so proud to hear all the good things the dealers were saying about my staff at both The Moss Portfolio and the Museum. I really have such a great team of staff and dealers, and I’m very thankful for the people I work with

Meal times were a working affair.

We all talked about the upcoming Collectors’ Convention that will be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, September 22-23. Even dealers who would have to travel a long distance were talking about attending the convention. We’re all as excited as little kids, because we know the convention itself will be so much fun and because Williamsburg and the surrounding area have so much to offer in terms of history and heritage and entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing so many of my family and friends there!

We heard from two guest speakers at the meeting this past weekend. Vivian Kistler, a well-known speaker and instructor for the picture framing industry, treated us to a most informative and entertaining talk on marketing and reaching new customers. We also heard from John W. Haffey, President of Wellspring Communications, Inc., founder and publisher of Art World News.

Vivian Kistler and John Haffey made presentations to your Moss dealers on how to provide top-notch service.

More Dealers' Meeting Photos.

I’m very excited to share with you some of the new products that we discussed at the Dealers’ Meeting. I wore my new sterling silver charm bracelet this weekend and loved the jingle-jangle of it. I felt like a real girl! The dealers loved the new snow globe, which is based on last year’s Christmas print A Child is Born, and they were very pleased with the three new ornaments that will be released this year.

A model of the 2006 snowglobe,($135.00), fashioned after last year's Christmas print A Child is Born, was presented to the dealers. The globe will become available towards the end of October. Reserve yours now with your local Moss dealer.

These sterling silver charms, ($60.00 each on a $20.00 chain, the signature logo tag is $40.00), based on popular Moss prints, will become available from your Moss dealer in September.

Three ornaments for release in October: Bright Eyes (top left) and Scarlet Splendor ($40.00 each) make a lovely pair and A Child is Born ($45.00) is delicate and beautiful, in an interesting new teardrop shape. A new T-shirt for fall, featuring a pyramid of Pat's cats on the back, is available now for $24.00 from your dealer.

This weekend I’m off to Kalona, Iowa, for a show with my dear friends at The Village Shoppe. I’ve created a special print to release at the show titled The Olde General Store. The Edmondson-Reif General Store has a six-generation, 121-year history of serving Kalona and the surrounding area. Originally built in 1879 by Sylvester E. Parker, the store was purchased by his half brother Isaac S. Edmondson as a general merchandise store in 1883. Owners thereafter were Logan Edmondson, Nita and Ervin Reif, Logan Reif, and Steve Reif and his daughter Nancy (Reif) Roth. The store was renamed Reif’s Family Center in the early 1960’s and remained so until the family-owned business was destroyed by fire on September 9, 2004. The restored building now houses a restaurant and a furniture store.

The Olde General Store will be released at The Village Shoppe, Kalona, Iowa, where Pat is appearing this weekend (August 25-26). For more information, call (319) 656-3853.

That’s all for now…gotta pack!


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