Dear Friends:

Greetings from beautiful Cortona, Italy!  We go out walking every morning before the sun comes around the mountain.  It’s beautiful to see the morning sun fall on the farms in the surrounding hills.

Cortona has all kinds of festivals—one night, jazz; and the next two nights, the Porcini Mushroom Festival—of course, all have music.  My granddaughter Sofia was a waitress during the mushroom festival, and her Uncle Beniamino was one of the chefs.  They serve porcini mushrooms with pasta and veal, and it is delicious!

This is the park in Cortona where the Porcini Mushroom Festival is held.  Each section of the town participates in the festival.

My granddaughter Sofia was one of the waitresses for the festival.

Beniamino, pictured at far left, is my son-in-law Roberto’s brother-in-law and one of the festival chefs.  The large cooking vats are for fried porcini.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering how the Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, faired in Tuesday’s rare earthquake, which was also felt at the office of P. Buckley Moss Galleries, Ltd., in Mathews.  I am very grateful to be able to report that all are well and no damage was sustained at either location.  We’ve also heard from P. Buckley Moss Society Chapter Chairperson Shirley Collins, who lives in Mineral, Virginia, at the epicenter of the quake, and we are relieved to know that she and her family are all okay and that her home received no structural damage.  We pray that all our friends in the area fared as well.

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter, when I’ll have more news and pictures from Cortona.


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