Hello Friends,

After recovering from the excitement of Busch Gardens, I have been working on the painting for the Dayton Convention. The painting in now near to completion. I have also put the finishing touches to Baskets Galore, which will be printed and released in October.

The large Dayton Convention painting is taking shape.

Baskets Galore will be released in October.

Grandson Sean and I have a very special relationship. We both need each other, particularly when we are dragged off to amusement parks like Busch Gardens.

Pat and Sean watching the brave ones on a wild ride.

Neither of us lost face because we did not do the most fearsome rides. I was able to tell the others I would stay with Sean and Sean was able to confide with the others that he would really prefer to be on the rides but he knew he must keep me company.
So we did our part on the more gentle rides and played at being brave by not holding and even earned ourselves a reprimand.

Pat and Sean were told to keep their arms down and inside the ride after doing "No Hands."

It is a rich reward when a grandchild has special need of you. It was my Granddad Buckley to whom I went when in need of a boost to my morale. He coaxed me through the downtimes that came with being so hopeless at school. He encouraged my art and he never ceased to tell me that I was special to him and would be a success in life.

Eyes closed during the ride.

My relationship with Grandpa was very precious to me and now, experiencing the joy of being needed by Sean, I know that I did a lot for Grandpa.

Taking a break while treading grapes at the vineyard.

Malcolm has sent back from Panama the text for a Children's book that I think will be a winner. In the peace of the farm, the inspiration came to him. It is about a girl who endures the embarrassment of being learning different to eventually triumph and become a national hero. Yes along the way, her grandfather believes her when others do not. I think you will enjoy it but first I have to do my side and complete the paintings.

This week I am at home in Mathews alternating between studio time and gardening. Son John will be visiting me for a few days before he sets off back to Panama and the Sunset Grill, where for the third season in a row he will be the chef. Maureen, his lady friend, will be joining him in November and also working at the restaurant.

Until next week.



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