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Dear Friends:

The family has departed, and my life has returned to normal. Even Malcolm is back from Australia, though he's walking around like a zombie, thoroughly jet lagged, sleeping during the day and awake most of the night.

Malcolm, Zoe and the Koala.
Malcolm and Zoe visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

This morning when my walking partner Nancy Hudgins and I arrived at our turn around point at the dock at Winter Harbor, Malcolm was there. I think he was checking to see that we really were completing our daily three-mile walk. He took this photograph to prove the fact to you all.

Pat with Nancy Hudgins.
Sunrise Walk: Pat with friend Nancy Hudgins.

I'm delighted with our latest tote bag and our Christmas stocking. I hope you agree that they've turned out well.

Pat with new tapestry products.
Pat displays some of her available gift items.

I'm bound for Panama on Thursday, and I'm excited by the prospect of six weeks of concentrated painting. Next week I'll be writing to you from my island studio.

Take care. Like Nancy and me, protect yourselves from these mosquitoes by wearing white and long sleeves!




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