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Dear Friends:
My daughter Mary and I are safely back from our cruise with Quilt Camp at Sea’s 2009 New England 9-Night Cruise for a Cure, which was a fundraising cruise to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  We made it back to port in Baltimore, Maryland, before Hurricane Bill started churning up the seas.  We were so shocked and saddened to see on the news about the little girl who was swept off the ledge and drowned at Acadia National Park in Maine due to Bill’s waves.  Mary and I were on that very ledge last week!  Our hearts go out to her family.
Mary and I truly had a wonderful time and met so many nice people.  We have an idea to maybe join forces with Quilt Camp at Sea for next year’s P. Buckley Moss Society group trip.  Quilt Camp at Sea is going to Alaska next year…anyone interested?

L. to R.:  Me and Len and Pat Tobin.  Len and Pat are the organizers of Quilt Camp at Sea and do an excellent job!

Our tablemates for dinner on the cruise were awesome, and we so much enjoyed their company.  I know we’ll stay in touch!  Standing, L. to R.:  Me and my daughter Mary Donnelly.  Sitting, L. to R.:  Lori Hein; Jackie Wolff, one of the instructors; and Lorette Koserowski, Editor of Quilting magazine.

More great friends, whom I hope to see again!  L. to R.:  Lori Hein, Winnie Burt, Phyllis Collins, Margaret Reitan, me, instructor Jackie Wolff, and Mary.

Four days before our cruise started, Lori Hein (pictured with girls above) returned from 3 1⁄2 weeks in Mozambique, Africa, teaching orphaned girls how to sew and quilt so they will have a marketable skill when they have to leave the orphanage at age 18.  There are a lot of wonderful people in this world!

Leaving Boston—me, instructor Jackie Wolff, Mary, and Winnie Burt.

After disembarkation and leaving our tablemates and good friends.  Back row, L. to R.:  our taxi driver and our baggage handler.  Front row, L. to R.:  Lori Hein, me, Mary, and instructor Jackie Wolff.

Mary and I drove from Baltimore to Waynesboro, Virginia, Saturday so she could get her car and go home to Radford.  Then I drove down to Mathews Sunday morning to attend the special signing event for the Mathews Market Days Poster at the Mathews Memorial Library.

I am most honored that the Mathews Market Days Committee asked me to create the poster for the 35th Annual Mathews Market Days Festival.  The dates of this year’s event are September 11-12.  “Y’all” come down and check it out!

Members of the Mathews Market Days Committee and me at the Mathews Memorial Library, L. to R.:  Patty Zierow, Treasurer; Barbara Bass, Vice-Chair; Art Dubey, Chairman; Mildred Hudgins, founder of Mathews Market Days; and me.

I was so very honored to receive a resolution of appreciation from the County of Mathews for my contributions to the community since becoming a resident.  L. to R.:  Me; Art Dubey; and Janine Burns, member of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors.

There was a very large turn-out for the signing at the library.  It was a joy to see so many friendly, smiling faces and so many people who love and support the community!


The Moss Portfolio is also releasing the Mathews Market Days Poster image as a limited edition print titled Mathews Maritime Heritage.  The image features Mathews County’s two lighthouses; New Point Comfort, which has become a symbol of the County, and Wolf Trap.

This weekend I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio, with my good friends at Gallery Art Center.  I can hardly wait!  Gallery owner Suzi Campbell and her family and friends are such fun to be with, and I’m very much looking forward to having my hair and makeup done again by Brian and John at the Vinyl Hair Salon.  During the show, we’ll release my new print titled Buckeye Tradition, which celebrates the Ohio State University Marching Band, featuring the drum major’s backbend, the famous “Script Ohio”, and “Dotting the ‘I’”.

Buckeye Tradition will be released during my show with Gallery Art Center in Columbus, OH, August 28-29.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 614-442-1109.

Columbus is gearing up for the Buckeyes’ first game of the season, and lots of friends will be coming to town to support them.  Go Bucks!


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