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Dear Friends:
My visit to Columbus, Ohio, and my show with Gallery Art Center were outstanding.  Since I was there last year, Suzi Campbell and her business partner Peter Vatsures have redecorated the gallery, and it looks absolutely glorious.  The new tone of the gallery is beautiful.  To walk in and see my big horse giclée Spirit of Freedom so beautifully framed was a delight to me.  Suzi had a wonderful selection of giclées, etchings, watercolors, prints, and gift items in stock for the show, and the collectors really took notice.

Gallery Art Center’s customers appreciated the gallery’s new look and its large selection.

Even my flights to and from the show were enjoyable!  On my way to Columbus there were soldiers returning home from the Middle East.  They were dressed in their desert camouflage and so happy to be going home!  It was a joy to see their excitement.  On my flight back to Virginia, I met a wonderful lady who is a professor at Hampton University.  Nichelle Porter is also a Speech Language Pathologist, and she spoke with perfect diction.  I loved hearing her talk.  Of course, she recognized my New York accent right away!  We talked about children and education and even the Olympics.  Nichelle told me that one of our Olympic gold medalists, LaShawn Merritt, is from southeastern Virginia and is enrolled at Old Dominion University in Norfolk.  LaShawn is a track and field star but volunteers his time to help other students and is excellent with children.  I love hearing positive stories about people, so I was almost sad when the flight ended.

Suzi arranged for John Weaver with the Vinyl Hair Salon to do my hair and makeup for the weekend, both for the fundraising reception Friday night (see below) and for the show at the gallery on Saturday.  I was a pampered princess for the weekend!

Gallery Art Center organized a fundraising reception Friday night for The Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.  Like myself, Stefanie Spielman is a breast cancer survivor, and we both spoke about our experiences.  Stefanie is married to Chris Spielman, one of Ohio State University’s greatest football heroes, and they have four children.  The reception was lovely, and I so much enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing stories.  It was an uplifting experience.

L. to R.:  Stefanie Spielman, me, and Suzi Campbell with Gallery Art Center.  Suzi & I presented a framed Buckeye Landmarks print to Stefanie.

L. to R.:  Craig Wanner, me, and Kathy Wanner.  Craig and Kathy were the auction winners of the decorated birdhouse that I donated for the fundraiser.  (I hope they will be able to come on next year’s cruise to Italy with us.  They were such a delight to be with.  Kathy is also a cancer survivor.)

Liz (in the wheelchair), her daughter Mary Jo Baumeister, and several of Mary Jo’s friends and co-workers came to the reception.  Mary Jo and her friends are teachers.  I so much enjoyed talking to them.

Saturday’s show at the gallery was like a family reunion.  I saw so many old friends!

Here I am with the Gallery Art Center girls.

The men were not to be outdone!  After the all-girl picture of me with the gallery staff and volunteers was taken, the men in the gallery insisted on having their picture taken with me, too.

Peter Vatsures (far right in the photo of the boys and me above), who does the framing, was my escort for the weekend, driving me to and from the airport, to the fundraising reception, and to the gallery show.  He even drove me to my hair and makeup appointments and waited for me.  When he asked me to draw something on a wall for him, how could I refuse?  Can you guess which wall I put it on?

These twins were precious!  The little boy told me I could try on his sunglasses.

I was overjoyed to see my friends the Bisca’s again.  L. to R.:  Dr. Basil Bisca, Seth, me, and Jean Bisca.  Seth is a champion West Highland Terrier and is featured in my print My West Highland Terrier.

After the show Saturday, Suzi’s family, some special friends, and I went out to dinner.  It was such a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

This weekend I’ll be showing at the world famous Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  The show is sponsored by both The Greenbrier and Kitten’s Korner.  Gallery owner Ruth Miller and I will release my newest Greenbrier print, The Greenbrier-America’s Resort.

The Greenbrier-America’s Resort will be released during my show with Kitten’s Korner, which will be held at The Greenbrier August 30-31.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 304-536-9206.


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