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Hi Everyone,

I am sending back two photos this week from Panama. The first was taken outside of the Methodist Church on Sunday morning.

Panamanian Church Congregation.

I attend the Catholic Church at seven on Sundays. Malcolm's service at the Methodist Church on the other side of the road begins half an hour later but runs on much longer than ours which is always over within the hour.

When I come out of church I go and join Malcolm, usually arriving in time for the start of the sermon. This Sunday, the congregation posed for a photo to send back to the Methodist church in Waynesboro, Virginia. The Waynesboro Methodists have donated forty hymn books to replace the aged and battered ones that were falling apart and missing many pages.

The second photo was taken last night at the Ultimo Refugio, my favorite island restaurant. We were celebrating Labor Day.

Panamanian Restaurant.

On my right is Flavio, chef and co-owner along with his wife Pilar, who is sitting next to Malcolm. On my left is Virginia Vasquez, who for five years has taken care of our every need as if we were her parents. On the far end is Rolando Robinson. Rolando, a master builder, has built for us as if he were building for himself and looks after Malcolm's boat as if it were his own. Without Virginia and Rolando, we would not be here and I would not have this unique painting retreat.

Next week, I will show you what is going on in my studio.




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