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Dear Friends,

I am showing you one of the paintings I have completed since being here in Panama. It is of the Amish barn where those of us on the October Collectors' Convention bus tour will be having lunch on Friday October 25th. The local Amish families will be preparing and serving our food and the walls of the barn will be decorated with quilts. We have lunched in the barn on two previous occasions and it is a most enjoyable and fun event. This painting will be reproduced as a print and released at the convention.

Image of barn in Pennsylvania painting.
Pat's newest painting for the Pennsylvania Convention.

My second photo this week shows Sunday luncheon on the terrace of our house. It started promptly at 1:00 pm and finished at 7:30 pm. Clyde Stevens, first on my left, is the retired head of research at the banana company, going on around the circle Claudio Talley is the owner of Hotel Angela, Millford Pienado and his wife Ziamara Chen Pienado own a restaurant, and Phyllis Stevens. There you have it. They are all good friends as you can guess from the length of the lunch. Oh, I nearly forgot, Malcolm was taking the photo, hence his absence.

Picture of Sunday lunch in Panama.
Pat enjoys a long lunch with friends in Panama.

I know that we will be united spiritually on September 11th as we remember the tragedy of last year. Our prayers will be for those to whom the horror of the morning brought the greatest of agonies, the loss of loved ones. God Bless.




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