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Dear Friends:
My business partner Jake Henderson and I had an exciting time at the Puyallup Fair near Seattle, Washington, this past weekend.  It took me several tries before I could pronounce Puyallup correctly:  PEW (like something is smelly)-WALLUP (like you’re going to hit someone), but I think I have it right now.

Pat with the Board of Directors of the Puyallup Fair.  The Board selected Pat to be the Master Artist at the show, an honor for which Pat is very grateful.  They put on a terrific show and give a lot of their time to the Western Washington Fair Association’s Scholarship Fund.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sale of originals on the second floor of the Pavilion go to the Scholarship Fund.

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Shedd purchased the original watercolor Spring Cleaning, shown hanging above Pat’s head.
  Pictured L to R:  Lise Hedegaard, Pat, Maynard Hedegaard, and Amy.  Lise and Maynard purchased two of Pats originals!

We had no idea what to expect, but we found out that the fair is huge!  It’s the sixth largest state fair in the United States, with approximately 1.6 million people attending it during the seventeen days that it’s open.  Many thousands of those people visit the art exhibit, and I’m most grateful to Lori Knight of Knight Visions Gallery in Bothell, Washington, and Bob Farrelly of Lakewood Gallery & Framing Company in Lakewood.  Bob is in charge of recommending and exhibiting the Master Artist each year.  The Master Artist is chosen from among nationally recognized artists, and I am deeply honored to have been chosen this year.  Bob & Lori took wonderful care of Jake and me and also my art.  It was set up and displayed so beautifully.

Bob Farrelly and his partner Cindy Johnson did an outstanding job of taking care of Pat and her art.  Pictured L to R:  Jake, Cindy Johnson, Bob Farrelly, and Pat.

Lori Knight, with Knight Visions Gallery in Bothell, is an authorized Moss dealer and did an excellent job of staffing Pat’s exhibit.

Western artist Fred Oldfield is a long-time supporter of the Puyallup Fair.  Pat had fun meeting him and discovered that they are kindred spirits.

In addition to the art exhibit, there were tons of animals, food, and rides.  We saw one ride that catapulted a person up into the air and back down using something like a slingshot and bungee cords—not for me!  Naturally, my favorite place was the barns, where I could see the Percherons, Clydesdales, and the 4-H horses.  I especially love the Percherons.

Everyone knows that Pat loves horses, and Percherons are one of her favorite breeds.

Jake is a great traveling companion.  We both love seafood, so we really enjoyed the fresh Pacific Coast seafood for dinner every night.  We went on sightseeing excursions for a few hours every day.  That area has the most gorgeous scenery.  We went to different bays and ports each day and saw big ships and graceful sailboats.  Jake loves to sail and was in his glory.  The vistas are beautiful, too.  It is breathtaking to wake up in the morning and see Mt. Rainier rising up out of the fog on the horizon.

Pat had nothing but praise for the volunteers who staffed the art show.  Pictured L to R:  Carolyn, Sandy, Pat, and Elizabeth.

We were both delighted to see our friend Laura Bales, who used to work for us at The Moss Portfolio.  Laura left us nine years ago to go back to school and eventually moved to Seattle, married, and now has two beautiful little boys.  It was fun to have lunch and catch up on one another’s news.

Sid and Margaret Wimmer are old friends who stopped by to see Pat.

Bob and Nancy Peck have been 4-H leaders for 31 years and are in the Washington State Hall of Fame and were named Clarke County Leaders of the Year!  They couldn’t resist a framed print of Birthplace of the 4-H Emblem.

Jake and I took a red-eye flight Sunday night and arrived in Richmond Monday morning.  We both agreed that the red-eye is no fun!
This week marks the sixth anniversary of the tragedy inflicted on our country on September 11, 2001.  How could I ever forget that day?  I flew out of Richmond the day before and was in Panama City waiting to fly to Bocas the morning of September 11.  I was in my hotel room; and, I could see something horrible happening on the TV, but it was all in Spanish.  I thought to myself, I know those buildings; that looks like New York!  I asked around until I could find someone who spoke English, and my fears were confirmed.  When I think of the lives that were destroyed and impacted by the events of that day, I’m even more grateful to our soldiers who make huge personal sacrifices to keep us safe.  God bless America and our troops!


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