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Dear Friends:

My weekend in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa, at the Heritage Art Galleries was wonderful! Gallery owners (and brothers) Greg and Garland Angove are such fun!

Pat with the brothers Greg (left) and Garland Angove, owners of the two Heritage Art Galleries in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa.

My visit got off to a little rocky start when I missed my connecting flight from Cincinnati to Cedar Rapids on Thursday. Instead of arriving around 2:00 p.m., I didn’t get there until almost 10:00 p.m.! Greg and Garland took it in stride, and everything went so smoothly from then on that I almost forgot it even happened.

I created two special print editions for release at the shows, Ice House Days and Campanile Memories-UNI ; and, it was such a treat to get to visit both places depicted in the prints Friday morning. I had a tour of the Ice House Museum, and their historical society does such a fabulous job of maintaining it and keeping wonderful things inside it. I saw everything from old farm tools to a horse-drawn school bus and a horse-drawn bread truck. It was fascinating! They had even recreated an old timey store inside.

In front of the Ice House Museum. Left to right: Lorelei Heisinger; Nancy Redfern; Don Redfern; Pat; and Jeff Kurtz, Director of the Cedar Falls Historical Society. Don and Lorelei are the proud new owners of the Ice House Days watercolor.

After my visit to the Ice House Museum, I had the honor of having lunch with the new President of the University of Northern Iowa Dr. Ben Allen and his wife, who is also named Pat and who stood in line in Ames years ago to have prints signed. They were so gracious to have all of us in their lovely home. In addition to myself, there were Dr. Patricia Geadelmann (another Pat!), the university’s legislative liaison; Greg Angove and his wife Vicki; and Garland Angove and his wife Laura.

Dr. Kui'-Im Lee demonstrates playing the carillon to Pat and President of UNI, Benjamin Allen.

The campanile was just a short distance away, and we were drawn to it by the playing of the carillon. We all walked over after lunch and were met by Dr. John Valentine, Director of the School of Music. He gave us information on the campanile’s history and invited us to climb up inside it. How could I say no? Dr. Allen and his Pat climbed up with us and we got to watch Dr. Kui’-Im Lee, a university instructor, as she played the carillon for us. It was beautiful!

Greg’s show was next and, boy, was the place packed! I don’t think another person could have fit inside.

It was crowded at Greg Angove's Cedar Falls gallery.

P. Buckley Moss Society Board member Judy Roe, who lives in Ames, came and sold Society memberships at both shows. She is such a fantastic ambassador for the Society, and I really appreciate her dedication. She was at the Village Shoppe in Kalona a couple weekends ago, too.

Ben Crawford of Independence, IA signed up to be a junior member of the P. Buckley Moss Society.

Before Garland’s show started in Waterloo Saturday, there was an ice cream social in the gallery with members of the Society. What a great way to start a show! It was so nice to get to talk to everybody and reconnect with old friends over ice cream. Garland’s show was just as busy as Greg’s, but we made time to draw the winning raffle ticket for a framed Sunday Visitors. The raffle benefited the American Cancer Society and was so successful we had to have more tickets made before the drawing.

After Garland’s show we all went for a well-deserved dinner at the Sunnyside Country Club. It was fun to have a chance to get to know the whole Angove family!

Saturday night at the Sunnyside Country Club. (Back row: Greg Angove; middle row: Vicki Angove, Pat, Janet Oelerich, Geraldine Angove, Gerald Angove, Jane Winter, & Gene Winter; front row: Earl Oelerich, Garland Angove, & Laura Angove.

More Pictures of Last Weekend's Events

This weekend I’ll be closer to home, but still among good friends and family, when I visit Collector’s Showcase in Dublin, Virginia, for a show. Jeanette Stephens has been representing my work in Dublin since 1992, and she does an excellent job. I’m very much looking forward to being with her again. We’ll be releasing River Reflections at the show. It features “LaRiviera,” a historical landmark on the New River in west Radford. This beautiful home was designed and built in 1882 by Williams Ingles and remains in the Ingles family today.

River Reflections will be released this weekend when Pat visits
Collector's Showcase in Dublin, Virginia. For information, call the gallery at (540) 674-0232.

See you soon!


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