Dear Friends:

I’ll miss walking around the mountain with my girls every morning at 6:30, but it’s good to get home (Mathews, Virginia).  I’ll also miss our lunches and the dinners in the garden with family and friends.

I’ll miss our dinners in the garden with family and friends.  My son-in-law Roberto’s outdoor pizza oven is in the background.

My garden in Cortona is a peaceful place overlooking the valley, and my olive tree is still here—Roberto hasn’t massacred it yet!  (Seriously, he is a good gardener.)  I’ll have another print of it coming in the future.

This is my daughter Becky’s key lime that she transplanted from Florida to Cortona.  According to Becky, it’s the first and only key lime in Italy.

Getting my hair cut in Cortona before returning to Virginia.  Nuccia has done my hair several times, and he’s one of my favorites.  If you ever visit Cortona, I highly recommend him.  He’s an Italian artist with hair!

My daughter Becky and me at our last dinner together before leaving Cortona.  No, we’re not sitting in the street!  We’re sitting against a back drop of a Cortona street scene.  It looks real, doesn’t it!

Patty and I flew back to Virginia from Milan.  On the way, we took some time to visit Siena, where the famous Il Palio festival takes place.  A famous horse race takes place in the Piazza del Campo during the festival.

Sister love!  Becky & Patty in Siena.

Siena's Cathedrale di Santa Maria, better known as the Duomo, is a gleaming marble treasury of Gothic art from the 13th and 14th centuries.  It was largely designed by Gothic master Nicola Pisano and his son Giovanni, including this stunning octagonal Gothic pulpit.

My daughter Patty and I listened to a recorded story about the Piccolomini Library, which is located in the Siena Cathedral.  Behind us is part of a collection of thirty richly illustrated Renaissance choir books from 1465-1515.

In the center of the Piccolomini Library is an elegant sculptural group of the
Three Graces, an ancient Roman copy of a Hellenistic design bought in Rome in 1502 by Cardinal Todeschini to decorate the library.  Frequently copied in the Renaissance era, it was used as a model by Pinturicchio, Raphael, and Canova.  The marble base was sculpted by Giovanni di Stefano.

In Milan, we visited the Santa Maria delle Grazia and saw The Last Supper, which Da Vinci painted on the wall of the refectory.  It was very hard to take pictures of it, so I’m sorry I don’t have any of the actual painting to share.  I was most impressed with the space in the refectory, which was a dining room for the monks, and how I could really see the painting in the whole room.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted
The Last Supper on the wall of the refectory in the Santa Maria delle Grazia, pictured above, in Milan.

The Galleria in Milan is the oldest shopping mall in Italy, if not the world.  Patty & Roberto are walking in the foreground.

Doesn’t this “fruit” look delicious?  It isn’t fruit!  It’s marzipan candy in a pastry shop window in Milan.  Fortunately, the store was closed.

I love the horse in this statue of General Giuseppe Garibaldi by Ettore Ximenes, which stands at the Piazza Castello in Milan.  Garibaldi is an Italian war hero from the 1800’s.

L. to R.:  Patty, me, & Becky in front of the Duomo di Milano, which is one of the most famous buildings in Europe.  It is the largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

My next trip will be to Berlin, Ohio, for my show with Berlin Creek Gallery, September 23-24.  This show kicks off my fall show schedule, so I’ll be seeing a lot of you soon!

Victorian Splendor, left, and Brightman’s Sleigh Ride, right, will be released as a set at my show with Berlin Creek Gallery, September 23-24.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 330-893-2686.


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