Dear Friends:

If you want an exciting weekend with non-stop fun, go to Berlin Creek Gallery in Berlin, Ohio, and stay at the Miller Haus B&B.  The camaraderie and joy of being with friends certainly made my weekend a very good one.  Our show was wonderful.  I heard so many positive remarks and praises about the paintings and the framing that I couldn’t help but come away happy.

The Miller Haus B&B holds 22 guests, and last weekend it was booked solid with collectors.  We’re all going to make reservations again for next year, as soon as we find out when Nancy Tarzan, owner of Berlin Creek Gallery, is going to schedule her show.

A “haus” full of Moss collectors!  The lady in the zebra-patterned apron kneeling in front of me was our hostess Lee Ann Miller.

Nancy, her staff, and I unveiled our special print for the weekend on Thursday night at the Dennison Depot.  Dreamsville, U.S.A. depicts Dennison Depot as it would have appeared during World War II when it was a major hub on the National Defense Railway Corridor.  Dennison Depot boasted an exceptional track-side canteen for the soldiers, providing them with coffee, sandwiches, desserts, and other comforts as they traveled to and from the front.  The citizens and businesses of Dennison rallied behind the war effort and volunteered their time and their goods to support the soldiers.

Thursday night’s event included a tour of the Dennison Depot and dinner.  Designated as Ohio’s 70th National Landmark in 2011, the beautifully restored 1873 depot houses a museum, restaurant, gift shop, and a full calendar of special events.  I was most impressed with the museum, which is beautifully done and displays so much historic detail.  What a wonderful place to visit and bring children to learn the history of the railroad and our country during the war.

The picture above shows about half of our group that went to Dennison Depot for dinner and a tour.

Another interesting thing about Dennison and its ties to the railroad is that Ohio native and famous baseball player Cy Young played for the railroad’s Panhandle Athletic Club team and is buried in nearby Peoli, Ohio.

Berlin is in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country, and after Saturday’s show, a group of us went to the Carlisle Inn in nearby Sugarcreek for dinner and a live performance of the musical The Confession, which is based upon The Heritage of Lancaster County trilogy of novels written by Beverly Lewis.  It was such fun!

The Confession at the Carlisle Inn in Sugarcreek, Oh.

Now, I’m looking forward to my Museum and Barn Open House the weekend of October 12-14, when we’ll unveil the fourth in my series of seasons at Silver Lake Mill.  Waynesboro, Virginia, will also be holding its annual Fall Foliage Festival that weekend, and people from all over the country come and show their arts and crafts.  My daughter Patty and Pat Carter, Office Manager for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education, will be downtown representing my work.  Come visit our beautiful valley, the Museum, my home, and Waynesboro’s Fall Foliage Festival!

Autumn at Silver Lake Mill features its namesake, located in Dayton, VA, and is the last in a series of seasons at Silver Lake Mill.  This print will be released during my October 12-14 Museum & Barn Open House.  For more information, please contact the Museum at 1-800-343-8643 or 540-949-6473.

All you Hokie fans, be sure to stop in and get your H-O-K-I-E snowmen.

H-O-K-I-E retails for $80.


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