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Dear Friends,

Once again I rode out the storm in St. Petersburg, and once again I made out fine. However, I did discover as a result of Hurricane Jeanne that my studio windows need re-caulking. The wind drove the rain right in around the windows; and, had it not been for the storm, I wouldn’t have known there was a problem.

Patriotic Pumpkin Stack will be printed to celebrate the Halloween season.

Also courtesy of Jeanne, my return to Virginia has been delayed almost a week. I know I have a small mountain of prints waiting for me to sign when I get back to my distribution center in Mathews, and I thank all of you for waiting patiently. Your large Iowa Convention prints will be with you soon, I promise.

Picco at the cockpit of a helicopter at the Neptune Festival Air Show.

TSA members with the helicopter pilot.

I painted a new Halloween piece that I hope to have available in time for the holiday. I have titled it Patriotic Pumpkin Stack, and I think it captures the fun spirit of the season. The cats in the scene represent the childhood joy of participating in the traditions of decorating, dressing up, and trick-or-treating. In today’s world of wicked storms, terrorism, and war, we can take comfort in knowing that there is continuity in traditions and hope in the promise of a celebration—and boy, do we Americans love to celebrate!

Picco and the other TSA members at Oceana Naval Air Station.

Last Friday my grandson Picco attended the 2004 Neptune Festival Air Show at the Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Picco is a member of the Stuarts Draft Middle School TSA (Technology Student Association) Club, and this was a TSA field trip. Last year Picco placed 4th in the Communication Challenge at TSA’s National Competition in Nashville, Tennessee. TSA ( is an outstanding program for children to participate in hands-on projects that teach them problem-solving and analytical thinking through creativity and technology. It helps prepare them for a successful life in a technological society. How I wish such opportunities had been available when I was in school!

Until next week…


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