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Hello All,

I am coming to the end of my fall Panama painting session. Malcolm and I leave Bocas del Toro to travel back to Virginia on Saturday. The stay has been very productive and I have enjoyed many secluded hours of painting.

It is always good to get home. I am looking forward to being with my family again and to meeting with those of you who can make it to my barn/studio open house the weekend of October 11-13th. I have a busy program ahead with the Foundation's conference in Morgantown, West Virginia, October 19-21st, and our Collectors' Convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, October 25-27th. With my painting schedule well up to date, I shall feel free to enjoy the company of friends.

Malcolm taking kids to the fair in Panama.
Malcolm driving the school children to the fair.

This week Bocas held its annual Fereia del Mar (Fair of the Sea). The town was packed with people and a bit noisy but fun. I bought a beautifully carved Armadillo that I then left in a taxi along with my umbrella. I got the umbrella back but sadly not the carving.

Pat with artist June Dejonge and husband Bill.
Pat with fellow artist, June DeJonge and her husband Bill, standing before
one of June's oil paintings on board their yacht in Bocas.

Yesterday I met with June Dejonge, an artist from Maine. She and her husband had heard I was in town and came looking for me. Malcolm and I took the two of them to the farm and afterwards we had dinner on their motor yacht. Air conditioned and with walls of polished mahogany, we dined in luxury, a delight after the heat and humidity of Finca Tranquilla.

Next week my letter will come to you from Florida as we stop over at the gallery in St. Petersburg for a two night stay.




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