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Hello Friends,

I am exhausted but happy! After six weeks of seclusion in Panama where I painted each day, I met with more than fifteen hundred of you over the weekend at the Barn Show. My sense of isolation is gone!

Pat on tractor at Mt. Pleasant.
Pat on rides high in the rain at Mount Pleasant.

On Thursday before the three days of Barn Open House, I was at the home of long time Washington friends, David and Joan Berensen. It was sadly a wet afternoon for the unveiling of the historic marker for their home, Mount Pleasant. Regardless of the rain, I could not resist climbing aboard the John Deere vintage tractor I had included in my painting of Mount Pleasant. There are two possessions I have always longed for, a horse of my own and a John Deere tractor. I travel too much to look after a horse and Malcolm considers me too adventurous a driver to be trusted not to turn over a tractor.

Family at Barn with Pat.
Tom and Debbie Samples and family from Cincinati met with Pat at the Barn.

There were many highlights during the three days at the Barn. Meeting collectors and seeing their appreciation of my painting efforts completes the circle of my creation. A painitng starts with an idea in my head. After the idea has matured, I begin to create the image on paper or canvas. Sometimes the process progresses rapidly and other times it evolves slowly like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. When the image reaches the point where it fully satisfies me, I pass it to Jake and he and his team initiate the printing stage. The final stage for me is when you, the collectors, let me know if I have succeeded in giving you a work you understand and enjoy. The Barn Show is a time of confirmation for me. It reassures me and renews my energies. Thank you all who came to see me and a special thank you to Nona Drumheller for singing so beautifully The Star Spangled Banner.

Next weekend I will be at the Foundation's Education Conference in Morgantown, West Virginia, and from there I go on to the Collcectors' Convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After the Convention, Malcolm and I will take a couple of days off to visit my son Chris and his family in New York.

Jake in his office on  his 40th.
Jake at work before his lunchtime birthday surprise.

Happy 40th birthday to Jake, Malcolm's son, who heads up our wonderful staff and keeps our business going in the right direction.

Love to you,

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