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Dear Friends:
It’s fall in the Valley, and it has been so beautiful at the P. Buckley Moss Museum.  Driving through the Valley is like magic.  The fall color is absolutely perfect, and the next two weeks will be the best time to visit and see the gorgeous foliage.  I’m so glad that the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education’s Annual Creative Mind Conference for teachers will be held next weekend so they’ll be able to see our Museum in its glory.

Fall has arrived in the Valley!  Pictured are my Barn home and studio and the “cottage” next door.

Our October Barn Show and Museum Open House was held this past weekend, and Waynesboro’s Annual Fall Foliage Festival was in full swing at the same time.  The Museum always sets up a booth at the festival, and this year my daughter Patty Moss (right) and Museum staff member Pat Smith (left) ran the booth.  I went down early Saturday before the Barn Show started to see old friends and check out some of the booths.

A couple years ago I created a print edition titled My Faithful Companion, which was done in honor of companion dogs.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print will raise money for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a non-profit organization that breeds, trains, and places highly skilled assistant dogs with people with disabilities other than blindness.  Most of the companion dogs are a Lab and Golden Retriever mix.  Imagine my delight when a lovely young woman came to my signing table at The Barn this weekend with her CCI dog.  This was the nicest dog!  I fell in love immediately.

Nancy Lagasse (in hat), her companion dog Arkin (giving me a kiss), and me.  Nancy, who has MS, told me that Canine Companions for Independence and Arkin had saved her life.  What a difference a good friend makes!

My quarterly Open Houses at The Barn in Waynesboro, Virginia, are very special for me.  I get to see people who have been collecting my art for years and who have become friends.  Theirs are familiar faces I look for in the crowd.  I love to catch up on the births of new children and grandchildren and find out all their news.  It’s also exciting to make new friends, and I especially love it when whole families come to visit.

It was so nice to talk to this lovely young family and get to know them a bit.  The children were a joy!

My son-in-law and Museum Director Corrado Gabellieri, left, presented one of the special Barn Show prints Heading Home to Francis Chester, owner of Cestari Farms in Churchville, VA.  Cestari Farms is featured in the print.

I’m off now to Russell, Kentucky, and my show with Designer Art & Framing.  We’ll release my new print Bennett’s Mill, which depicts the mill and a covered bridge.  The mill no longer stands, but the bridge is still in use in Greenup County, Kentucky.  I have so many friends in the Ashland area, and I’m looking forward to seeing them all this weekend.

Bennett’s Mill will be released during my show with Designer Art & Framing in Russell, KY, October 17-18.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 606-833-2962.

I’ll miss the first four days of the P. Buckley Moss Society’s 2008 RiverBarge trip on the Ohio River, called Fall Foliage and Fillies; but, I’ll catch up with the group when the barge docks in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the afternoon of October 19.  I’ll have three full days with the group, and that will be fun.  I think they’ll forgive me for not being there the whole time.  When the trip ends and the barge docks in Cincinnati, Ohio, on October 23, I’ll be picked up by Laura DeRamus and Kathy Heims, owners of the Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, Ohio.  I’ll be having a show with them that weekend, and we’ll release the print One Step Closer and the giclée on canvas Spring Comes to the Clifton Mill.  The evening of October 23, I’ll attend a fundraising dinner for Madison County Hospital Foundation’s Breast Cancer Initiative.  Laura and Kathy are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of One Step Closer during their show to this organization.  The evening of October 25, I’ll attend a fundraising dinner, raffle, and auction that will benefit the Abilities First organization.  For more information about these fundraising events, please contact Canada Goose Gallery at 513-897-4348.

One Step Closer, above, and Spring Comes to the Clifton Mill, below, will be released during my show with Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, OH, October 23-25.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 513-897-4348.

I know how busy it gets this time of year, but I hope everyone will be able to take a look around them at the beauty of the season and also take the time to have some fun.

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