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Dear Friends:

The Valley was glorious this past weekend, with the trees full of vibrant fall color and the air crisp and cool. I couldn’t ask for better weather for my October Barn Show and Museum Open House. Apparently, the weather agreed with lots of other people, too, because Waynesboro’s Fall Foliage Festival and the Museum and Barn were brimming with people.

I have to say the distinction for traveling the farthest distance went to a delightful group who came all the way from China! I told them about my friend and neighbor, Tony, in Panama who was from China. Tony and his wife Silvia invited us to all their Chinese celebrations in Bocas del Toro. When I told the group at the Barn how much I enjoyed Tony and Silvia’s celebrations and customs, they invited me to visit them in China. Oh, how I would love to do that!

The Yu Yang Kuei Cheng family (on Pat's right) came to visit Pat at the Barn with thier hosts, Mr. and Mrs. James Vanlaningham.

My daughter Mary and her family had a busy weekend, too. Mary’s daughters Kate and Sarah were chosen to be on the Homecoming Court for Radford High School. Their younger brother Sean was Sarah’s escort. Kate was voted Homecoming Queen, and Sarah was so happy for her she cried.

Homecoming Queen of Radford High School, Kate, (third from left) with proud parents Kerry and Mary on her right and sister Sarah and brother Sean.

Off to the Homecoming Dance: From the left, Will Price, Queen Kate, Sarah and Abram Williams.

This weekend I’ll be in Story City, Iowa, with my friends at The Country Gallery. Gallery owner Pat Hill (another Pat!) has been representing my work since 1987, and I’m looking forward to being with her for another show. We’ll be releasing two prints, Hoop Dreams and Celebrating Our Anniversary.

For release at The Country Gallery, Story City, IA on October 20-21, Celebrating Our Anniversary and Hoop Dreams. For more information call the gallery at (515) 733-2262.


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