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Dear Friends:
Last weekend’s Barn Show and Museum Open House was fantastic!  We had beautiful weather, and a lot of really sharp, fun people came.  It was exciting to see so many new, young faces among those of my longtime friends and collectors.
The Barn looked so beautiful, and my new porch is heavenly!  We all sat out there, and the girls who volunteer to help with the Barn Shows are looking forward to decorating it for Christmas.  Can you believe how close Christmas is?

My Barn now has a full porch with a roof instead of just a deck, and I really love it!

Thursday afternoon I spoke to the members of the Augusta Parish Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), who came to the Museum and took a tour.  I spoke about my childhood and how I grew up with undiagnosed dyslexia.  One of the stories I told was that I couldn’t read the signs on the subway to get back to the Staten Island Ferry and how certain teachers took the time to help me with that and many other things.  I explained how important these mentors were in my life and how they, too, can be mentors for children and make a difference in the lives of others.

The Daughters of the American Revolution are direct descendants of men who fought for our nation’s independence over 200 years ago.  DAR members work to preserve history, provide scholarships to graduating high school students, support our military, and work on behalf of children’s welfare and education, among many other projects.  They are truly an example of what “Proud to be an American” means.

While I was in Waynesboro, Virginia, I met my granddaughter Chiara’s horse.  Many of you know that Chiara shares my love of horses and has been taking lessons and showing her instructor’s horses.  When Chiara’s instructor decided to sell one of Chiara’s favorites, a beautiful quarter horse named Deck, her parents couldn’t refuse her pleas.  I’m so happy that she has her very own horse at last; it was one of my own childhood dreams.

I wonder if Chiara will let me ride him…?

I left for Italy Monday, along with my daughters Mary and Ginny.  My daughter Patty and her friend Mary will join us later this week, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the sights together with a fun group of collectors and friends.  My brother Dan and sister-in-law Carol flew over Monday, too, and we’ve been having a great time.

We’re off to Italy!  My daughters Mary (left) and Ginny (right) and I wait to board our plane at Richmond International Airport.

We decided to rest our legs; here we’re sitting on the steps of Cortona’s Town Hall.  L. to R.:  Carol and Dan Buckley, me, and my daughter Ginny (Chiara’s mom).  To the far left is my daughter Becky’s daughter Sofia (with the Calvin Klein bag), and sitting behind Ginny is Becky’s daughter Michela.

’Til next week, when I hope to have lots of pictures from Italy to show you!

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