Dear Friends:

It was so beautiful flying into Omaha, Nebraska, last week.  I could look down and see the famous Sandhills, which were lovely.  I could also see the damage done when the Missouri River flooded earlier this year.  It was so sad to see acres and acres of farmland washed away and to know that people’s homes were flooded as well.  Nebraskans are strong, resilient people, though, and I know their pioneering spirit will see them through.

My show with Ginger’s Hang-Up was a joy, as usual.  Gallery owner Jeff Bosiljevac said it was my fourteenth visit, and I find something new to love every time I go.  This time, I got to take a tour of Offutt Air Force Base’s General’s Row and the base’s Youth Programs Center before the show Friday.  I also had lunch with the officers’ wives at the home of General Bob Kehler and his wife Marj.  General Kehler is the Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt.  I met them during Thursday night’s fundraiser for the Youth Programs Center, which was held at the Cornerstone Mansion Inn.  The Cornerstone Mansion is historically known as the Offutt House and was built in 1894 by Charles and Bertha Offutt.  Offutt Air Force Base was named for their son Jarvis.  Jeff and I unveiled my newest painting of General’s Row during the Thursday night fundraiser, and Mrs. Kehler asked if I had ever been inside any of the houses.  When I told her I hadn’t, she graciously invited me to the base the next day.  What a way to start the weekend!

Generals at General’s Row was unveiled during Thursday night’s fundraiser for Offutt Air Force Base’s Youth Programs Center.  I love the way Ginger’s Hang-Up framed this; it’s so very tasteful.

L. to R.:  Me; Brigadier General Don Bacon, Commander of the 55th Wing at Offutt; and Marj Kehler.

L. to R.:  General Bacon, his wife Angie, and me.

It was great to see Peter and Michele Silberstein again.

My dear friend Victoria McLaughlin, who has collected my work for years.  I’m pointing to the house she lives in on General’s Row.

L. to R.:  Katrina Swanson, Ivan Vrtiska, me, and Karen Vrtiska.  They’re collectors, too.

The team at Ginger’s Hang-Up, L. to R.:  Sharon Dineen, gallery owner Jeff Bosiljevac, Nancy Neher, Tony Hoagland, me, and Robin Johnson.

I had such fun with Mrs. Kehler and the officers’ wives and Bellevue’s Mayor Rita Sanders.  My visit to the base was so comfortable and fun-loving.  We enjoyed getting to know one another and exchanging our life stories.

Luncheon with the officers’ wives and Bellevue’s Mayor Rita Sanders at the home of General and Mrs. Bob Kehler.

The tour of the Youth Programs Center was conducted by Cami and Roz.  Their enthusiasm was so catching that at lunch I said I wanted to do more for the Center.  I had discovered that Mayor Sanders is a quilter, so I twisted her arm and talked her into creating a quilt around one of my hand-painted fabric centerpieces.  So, she and a friend are going to make a quilt that will hopefully be auctioned at the base next year.  Those of you who have been outbidding me for these quilts will have to come out to Omaha next year!

Rita Sanders is the Mayor of Bellevue, NE, which is the suburb of Omaha where Offutt Air Force Base is actually located.

My deal for donating a quilt centerpiece for Offutt’s Youth Programs Center is that they will also have to make a quilt around another centerpiece and then donate it to the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.  The revenue raised by these quilts is so vital to the work of the Foundation in its support of children’s education programs and teachers.  Last year the Foundation received around sixty grant and award applications from teachers, and this year the Foundation has received over 200 such applications.

This weekend I’ll be in Waynesville, Ohio, for a show with my friends at Canada Goose Gallery.  On Thursday night there will be a fundraising dinner at the beautiful home of Alan and Sue Eakle to benefit GreeneBucs, which is the Greene County Chapter of National AMBUCS™, Inc.  AMBUCS™ is a non-profit service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for children and adults with disabilities.  Another quilt made around one of my centerpieces will be auctioned during the evening’s event and will benefit both GreeneBucs and my Foundation for Children’s Education.

Before the show starts Saturday morning, I’ll participate in the Dale Bowman Memorial Walk to benefit the PALS for Life Breast Cancer Support Group and the Dale Bowman Scholarship Fund.  Dale Bowman, who recently passed away, was a co-owner of the Hammel House Inn B&B in Waynesville.  I have often enjoyed Dale’s B&B, restaurant, and hospitality.  For more information about the show and the two fundraising events, please contact Canada Goose Gallery at 513-897-4348.

Alone in Thought, left, and Saw Horse Soldier, right, will be released during my show with Canada Goose Gallery in Waynesville, OH, October 21-22.  Both images are reproductions of older original works that have never before been released as prints.  Alone in Thought is an early portrait of my daughter Mary, and Saw Horse Soldier is my son Chris.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 513-897-4348.

Ho! Ho! Ohio! is a new, fun print that will also make its debut this weekend.

Save the Dates—Upcoming Shows
Village Shoppe, Kalona, IA                              October 28-29
Medlin Art, Ltd., Leesburg, VA                        November 4-5
M&J Gallery, Ottumwa, IA                              November 12
Finn Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL                        November 18-20
Moss Museum, Waynesboro, VA                     December 2-4
Up Against the Wall, Kingsport, TN                 December 6

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Group Rate Registration Deadline for
2012 Alaskan Cruise Has Been Extended

I have wonderful news!  The registration deadline to get the group rate for our 2012 Alaskan Cruise has been extended from October 14 to December 2.  Portside staterooms are filling up, so make your reservation soon!  For more information on the cruise, please visit the P. Buckley Moss Society’s website.  To make your reservation, please contact Stacy’s Travel at 12 E. Front St., Monroe, MI  48161; PH:  734-243-6330; or

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