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Iowans laugh easily and are so comfortable to be with; and, boy, can they cook! I went to the home of Doris Greiner, owner of The Village Shoppe in Kalona, Iowa, for a potluck dinner with members of the Moss Country Friends Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society. The food was out-of-this-world! The Moss Country Friends Chapter helps Doris with her shows and organizes fundraising and charitable projects in that area. They are all such good hearted and hard working people

Having fun with the Moss Country Friends Chapter in Kalona, Ia.

Doris Greiner, owner of The Village Shoppe, in Kalona, Ia., is holding one of my hand-painted fabric quilt squares. Sitting at the table is Pearl Yoder, who has agreed to create yet another quilt for the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education, using the square as a centerpiece. I showed Pearl several quilt squares I had brought with me, and her face lit up when she saw this one. Pearl has already made two such quilts, one for the Foundation and one for the Moss Country Friends Chapter, which was auctioned while I was in town. The proceeds from the auction will help fund the Chapter's charitable projects, which currently include purchasing iPods for the local school district for learning different children to hear their lessons on and providing adaptive trikes and bikes for handicapped children in adjoining school districts. During the fundraising dinner and auction, I pulled the winning tickets to conclude the Chapter's raffle, with the proceeds benefiting the University of Iowa Children's Hospital's dance marathon.

This future hero in the fire truck is Doris' grandson Jack Greiner. The quilted wall hanging behind us is the one that Pearl made for the auction to benefit the charitable projects of the Moss Country Friends Chapter. The fire truck was also auctioned. Poor Jack lost his ride

The show and fundraising dinner were both very well organized, and everyone was so pleased with the results of both. My new pumpkin prints, The Toy Tester, and the show print Summer Reflection were great favorites with everyone. Doris' framing is wonderful and really enhanced my art in a positive way.

Months ago, this 90+-year-young lady heard that I was going to be at a show in Kalona and told her younger friends that she wanted to go, and they brought her. What a delight! She's lively, fun, happy, and has a wonderful sense of humor-all the good things in life. That's the attitude to have: life is good!

The auction was such fun, with good camaraderie and much laughter as the auctioneer teased us on with the bidding. The whole town is like one big family, and I felt as though I were part of that family. What a wonderful feeling!

The auctioneer was wonderful. Here, he's telling me all about what he's going to auction off.

Mariann Peterson, President of the Foundation's Board of Directors, came to the fundraising dinner and auction and spoke about the work of the Foundation.

Here, I was telling the audience about how my life is so involved with work and charity.

Duck-Duck-Goose? Before I left for the show last week, I took this picture of some geese crossing the lawn at The Moss Portfolio in Mathews, Va. Looks like a wild goose took a liking to a domestic goose!

This weekend I'll be in West Virginia for a show with Necessary Things. The show will be held at the Heritage Farm Museum & Village in Huntington on Saturday, October 24. Gallery owner Linda Hutchinson and I will release my new print Heritage Farm Museum, which features some of the buildings at the Village. It's going to be fun, so come out and join us. I'm looking forward to the drive; the West Virginia countryside is absolutely beautiful!

Heritage Farm Museum will be released during my show with Necessary Things in Huntington, WV, October 24. For more information, please call the gallery at 304-752-0163.

My chapter focus this week is on the Moss Shows Children Chapter, based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Missouri, known as the "Show Me State", is a diverse and beautiful part of our great country. The St. Louis Arch, known as the Gateway to the West; Hannibal, home of Mark Twain; St. Joseph, a station of the Pony Express; and Independence, home of our 33rd President Harry S. Truman, are just some of Missouri's claims to fame. The Lake of the Ozarks boasts some of the best fishing and boating in the Midwest, and people travel from all over the United States to visit Branson, one of the country's most popular entertainment areas.

Kansas City, Mo., home of the Moss Shows Children Chapter.

Kansas City, Mo., is known as the City of Fountains, with the plaza lights taking front stage at Christmas time

The Chapter's small group of fourteen members is committed and active. They meet several times a year to discuss new prints, ideas, and new charities they've recently heard about that just might need a little extra help. They have raised funds, as well as material donations, for the local Ronald McDonald House; the Sunshine Center for special needs children; Camp Quality, a camp for cancer stricken children; the Rachel House for unwed mothers; and the Back/Snack Program in North Kansas City, which was one of their biggest fundraisers. The Chapter also has workshops that have included making cancer caps and breast cancer pillows for the American Cancer Society and baby layettes for the Rachel House. For the past two years, the Chapter has enjoyed getting together and embellishing books for the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI).

If you're in the area and would like to join the group, know that the Chapter will welcome you with Moss Hugs!


Two volleyball teams have reported back to us that my print Dig Pink helped them raise funds for The Side-Out Foundation (breast cancer awareness and research). Central High School's girls' varsity volleyball team in Woodstock, Virginia, raised $500.00 in their first-ever Dig Pink game. The West York High School team in York, Pennsylvania, Dig Pink experts, raised $6,100.00 (not all of it from my print) and won their game. Congratulations, girls!

The girls' varsity volleyball team of Central High School in Woodstock, Va., sporting their Dig Pink shirts.

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