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Dear Friends:

I’ve returned from Italy just in time to vote and get ready for my show schedule this month. It’s been many years since I last attended a gallery show, so I’m really excited. This week I’ll be at The Frame Up in Occoquan, Virginia, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. Friday evening.

What a great bunch of people we had on the Society tour! I wish to thank everyone who came, and I want to especially thank my daughter Becky and her husband Roberto for all their efforts to make sure everyone was comfortable and had a good time.

Impressive doors at the Duomo, or Cathedral, of Santa Maria dei Fiori (Saint Mary of the Flowers) in Florence. The church was built over the course of several hundred years.

The Majesty of the Vatican.

We rounded out the tour with a sit-down dinner party in the garden of our Italian home. Becky and I also gave a demonstration of the etching process in our studio. We wanted to give everyone a better understanding of the time and work involved in the creation of an etching and why each etching is considered an original print and more valuable than offset lithographs.

A guest enjoys the view from the balcony of Pat's house.

At the dinner party we talked about the work of the Foundation and the Society. Becky donated ten or twelve books that she had made. The paper in them was all hand-made and each one was hand-bound. I drew images of Christ and St. Francis in each one, and Fred McMillin auctioned them off to benefit the Foundation. Everyone bidding was most generous, and a little over $4,000.00 was raised.

The Foundation will use the money to support the Panama Schools Project. This past Wednesday, the principal of the school on Isla Carenero held a dedication ceremony for the school’s new computer center. The computers were donated via the Foundation, and Program Coordinator Virginia Vasquez and volunteers David and Margo Carey oversaw their delivery and installation.

The dedication ceremony for the new computer center in Panama.

For those of you who have wondered where my chef-son John is these days, he is currently managing the kitchen at “A Moment to Remember,” located on Main Street in Luray, Virginia. John’s friend Maureen Messick manages the dining room. I had dinner there before my trip to Italy, and it was great! If you’re in the area, please be sure to stop in and see him.

Chef John stands proudly in front of "A Moment to Remember."

I want to show you a very cute picture of Randy and Ginny Myers’ cat Eddie posing in front of the print he inspired, Purrfect Tabby. Not only are Randy and Ginny longtime friends, but Ginny also serves as the Society’s historian and Randy is the current president of the Foundation Board. Eddie’s personality speaks for him!

Eddie x2

That’s all for now. Until next week…



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