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Dear Friends:

The theme of this year's Creative Mind Conference, sponsored by the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children's Education, was "The Full Spectrum of Ability." I can tell you from my own personal experience as someone with a learning difference that most learning different children have other gifts and that those gifts can help them learn. It's very important that these kids feel respected for their interests and abilities. Good self-esteem is vital to their future success.

The Foundation's annual Creative Mind Conference is a professional development program built around special dynamics and activities to provide the most meaningful and up to date research-based learning and materials to promote the integration of the Arts for all students, but especially for students who learn differently. This year's conference was held this past Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the Antiochian Village in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The sessions were filled with hands-on activities and exercises that covered the full spectrum of ability and ways of connecting and engaging students of varied ability levels. The participants came excited and ready to learn and left more excited about being a teacher and better prepared to meet the individual needs of students in their classrooms. The conference ended Monday with a tenth anniversary celebration of the Foundation that included a pizza party and birthday cake. Congratulations!

I wish to thank all the presenters and participants for making the conference so successful. Special thanks to the Foundation's Program Coordinator Dell Philpott and Executive Director Bob Almond, as well as members of the Professional Advisory Council (Boo Elkins, Jane Burnette, and Dr. Carole Grove) and Board of Directors (Randy Myers, President; Jan Fedorenko, Vice President; and Mariann Peterson, Treasurer) for helping plan and staff the conference.

I regret that I was not able to be at this year's conference, but I've been on the road constantly this year and felt that I needed one weekend off to recharge my batteries before a very exciting November schedule. Next year's conference will be held October 28-30 in Sweet Briar, Virginia, much closer to home, and I know I'll make it to that one.

Kaye McCrory leads a project titled "A Quilt is Worth a Thousand Memories." Participants experienced sample activities from an integrated arts unit focusing on the collage artist, Romare Bearden.

I went to Washington, DC, last Thursday to see my doctor for my annual physical (and my annual scolding). While I was in town, I visited an old friend who used to work for me when The Moss Portfolio was located in Falls Church. Elyse Savitch now owns her own gallery in Georgetown, and it was fun visiting with her and touring District Fine Arts.

From Washington, I drove to Radford, Virginia, with my daughters Patty and Ginny to celebrate my oldest daughter Mary's birthday. We went to lunch and had great fun teasing Mary about her age.

Pat celebrates Mary's birthday with Patty (left) and Ginny (second from right).

I arrived in Radford just in time to watch my granddaughters Kate and Sarah get ready for their high school's homecoming dance. They were so lovely, and I have to play the proud grandmother and share a picture with you.

Sarah (center left) and Kate with their escorts for the homecoming dance, PatrickWebb (left) and Will Price.

I made it back to my home in Mathews, Virginia, in time for Halloween, but I rarely get any trick-or-treaters. My neighborhood doesn't have many children. Instead, I'll show you a picture of Halloween, Italian style. As many of you know, my daughter Becky and her family live in Cortona, Italy, and her daughters Sofia and Michela dressed up as a mummy and a witch. In fact, all the girls in their group went as witches, except Sofia who had her heart set on being a mummy. At first she felt a little out of place, but after receiving so many compliments on her unique costume she felt much better!

Michela the Witch and Sofia the Mummy enjoy Holloween Italian style in their hometown of Cortona.

This weekend I'll be in Columbus, Ohio, visiting my long-time friends Lester and Mary Borlo and their daughter Suzi Campbell. They own the Gallery Art Center, and I'm very much looking forward to being with them and many of my Ohio friends this weekend for a show where we'll be releasing a new print titled Our Lady of Mount Carmel Park.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Park, Pat's painting for the edition to be released at Gallery Art Center, Columbus, Ohio this weekend. For more information call the gallery at (614) 442-1109.

Star City Quilt will be released this weekend at a show without Pat at The Apple Barn Gallery in Buchanan, Virginia. For details call the gallery at (540) 254-6677.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Hokie Land will be released this weekend at a show without Pat at Collector's Showcase and Framing in Dublin, Virginia. For details call (540) 674-0232.

Well, I'm off to pack for Ohio. 'Til next week; take care.


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