Dear Friends:

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend in Kalona, Iowa, for my show with the Village Shoppe.  I had such fun with friends of the gallery and members of the Moss Country Friends Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.

L. To R.:  Nancy Brenneman, President of the Moss Country Friends Chapter; me; Doris Greiner, owner of the Village Shoppe; and Carol Boyd.  Nancy, Doris, and Carol work together at the Village Shoppe and take such good care of one another.  It is so nice to be among good friends!

Standing beside me is Joyce Mattes, who was my “right-hand woman” for the weekend.  In front of us are Joyce’s granddaughters Grace and Emma, who were the inspiration for my 2008 print
Ballet Princesses.

One of my favorite places to visit in Kalona is the Kalona Historical Museum.  I love the wonderful quilts, and this time they had a special display of appliquéd quilts.

Mary Jo Smith, beside me, opened the Kalona Historical Museum early and gave me a tour of the Museum’s new exhibit of appliquéd quilts.  In the background you will notice a spool cabinet, which is part of the personal collection of spool cabinets owned by Steve Reif, who is on the Museum’s board of directors.

Standing beside me is Katie Karnes of Woodin Wheel Antiques in Kalona.  She was also open early, so we jumped in to look around.  The Woodin Wheel is next to the Kalona Chamber of Commerce, where the Village Shoppe’s show was held.  I found another gorgeous quilt which was hand-quilted and hand-appliquéd—so beautiful!

After the show Saturday evening, the Moss Country Friends Chapter hosted a fundraising dinner and auction, which raised over $8,300.  The Chapter will use the funds raised to purchase a Gate Trainer for a little Amish girl in the area, assist with medical bills for another young girl in the area, and purchase a CD player and books-on-CD for Mid-Prairie High School.  Of the amount raised, $4,650 of it was achieved through the auction of two quilts made around my hand-painted centerpieces.  The quilt auction proceeds will be divided equally between the Chapter for its charities and the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education.

Standing with me are Barb and Steve Greene with Barb’s quilt.  Barb not only designed and stitched this beauty, but her husband Steve got a friend to bid on it for him so he could give it to Barb as a surprise.  Look at their smiling faces!  I don’t know who was more pleased, he or she.

My dear friends Judy and Leland Roe of Ames, IA, were the winning bidders on this treasure designed and hand-stitched by Pearl Yoder.  I wish you could have seen the back of this quilt!  This is the third quilt that Pearl has done for us, and I got the one before this.  Pearl, are you going to do another one for us?

Also during the dinner, a raffle drawing was held, and the raffle proceeds of $1,050 will be used to purchase iPads for Keota (Iowa) Elementary School’s Reading and Math Program.  The top prize of the raffle was a remarqued Spring at Mabry Mill, which had been donated by the P. Buckley Moss Society.  The framing was donated by the Village Shoppe.  The lucky winner was Janet Michaels of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When I returned to Mathews, Virginia, after the show, I received the sad news that two of my dear friends had passed away.  William McCarthy, Sr., of Elkton, Virginia, passed away on October 27.  He and his wife Iris were faithful visitors to my Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, and always came to my Open Houses/Barn Shows.  They never failed to bring me the most beautiful roses.  Mary Orse of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was a member of the Lake Marburg Moss Chapter of the Society and always came to see me whenever I was in Hanover for a show with Martin’s Gallery.  She was a gracious hostess and a wonderful cook, having invited me to dinner at her house and often bringing treats for me to the gallery.  I am grateful that I got to see her when I was at Martin’s on October 1.

This weekend, I’ll be with my friends at Medlin Art, Ltd., in Leesburg, Virginia.  We’ll be releasing a new giclée on paper titled Memories of Manassas, depicting the Stone House Tavern, which survived both Battles of Manassas (First Manassas, July 21, 1861; and Second Manassas, August 28-30, 1862).  Also known as the First and Second Battles of Bull Run, both conflicts raged around the Stone House, which was taken over as a refuge for battle casualties.

Memories of Manassas will be released during my show with Medlin Art, Ltd., in Leesburg, VA, November 4-5.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 703-771-8696.

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