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Dear Friends,

A week of play time. It started on Monday with a birthday lunch with my daughter Mary. Ginny and I drove down to Radford to be with her and granddaughters, Katie and Sarah. Sean could not join us because of school.

Birthday lunch.
Birthday luncheon: Ginny, Pat, Mary, Sarah and Katie.

I am including a photo of Ginny, my youngest daughter, sitting beneath a portrait of Mom. This week Ginny told me of the plans she and four other parents at the school Pico and Chiara attend have presented to the faculty for integrating the arts into a variety of school lessons. I am proud of her, and I am sure Mom is also, as she watches from above.

Ginny with Gran Liz.
Ginny Gabellieri, my youngest daughter.

Then Malcolm and I headed for Washington DC for our annual trip to the National Gallery of Art and my two favorite artists, El Greco and Amedeo Modigliani. If you visit the gallery take a look at El Greco's painting of Saint Martin and the Beggar. Then look at the copy of the same painting attributed to "School of El Greco." There could be no better example of how a copy falls short of the original. The copy is cold and without feeling.

Grandson Pico has been reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Usually I listen to the books on tape while working in my studio. It was a pleasant change to sit back relaxing while Pico read to me and his sister Chiara. I admire J.K.Rowlins for her imagination and story telling ability. She has turned millions of children into enthusiastic readers. I would rather see my grandchildren with a book in hand than watching television.

Pat with Grandkids.
Pico reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to Pat and Chiara.

This coming weekend I will be in Hanover, Pennsylvania, attending the Foundation's annual dinner sponsored by the Lake Marburg Chapter of the Society.


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