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Dear Friends:
God bless America!  Don’t we have a wonderful country!  Both candidates for the Presidential Election were so courageous and gracious, both calling for peace, love, understanding, and cooperation in the days ahead.  I was so encouraged by the demeanor of the kids celebrating on the news, and I am so proud to be an American!  Please join me in praying for our President-Elect, that he may be guided by God’s grace and wisdom as he assumes his duties to serve, protect, and defend our great country.
I was in Mathews, Virginia, for the election and left for the Valley the next morning.  Apple Barn Gallery in Buchanan and Collector’s Showcase in Dublin each had a Show without Moss; and, since I was going to be in the area anyway, I stopped at each to sign their show orders.  My drive was through some of the best fall color I’ve ever seen.  From the Chesapeake Bay to the Shenandoah Valley, the color is still glorious.  What a joy it is to live in a place that has been so blessed with Nature’s wondrous gifts.
This past weekend I was with all my Central Iowa friends for a show with Kenneth Paul Gallery in Urbandale and West Des Moines, Iowa.  One of the highlights of my visit was a potluck dinner at the home of Sharon Cubit with members of the Central Iowa Chapter of the P. Buckley Moss Society.  I love these informal get-togethers with the chapters.  It’s so much fun to be “one of the girls” and get to know them better.  Sometimes I get to meet their husbands and other family members, and it’s so fulfilling to be part of such a large family of friends who care about one another and others in the world as well.

Central Iowa Chapter’s Potluck Dinner:  Look at these beautiful, smiling faces!  What fun to be among such wonderful company.

Here I am with the staff of Kenneth Paul Gallery, who are so very good.  L. to R.:  Karen Baumunk, Jean Agan, me, Sandy Moore, and owner Paul Poli.

Roni McFall, left, a Central Iowa Chapter member, was so excited when I released my new print featuring a greyhound.  Roni is an owner and lover of rescued racing greyhounds, and she’s been after me for years to do a greyhound print.  She was so excited when the print came out and it looked so much like her baby Milly.

Isn’t she beautiful!  This is Roni’s greyhound Milly.

Another highlight of my visit was getting to see Kenneth Paul’s new location.  The gallery will relocate at the end of the year to 10870 Douglas Avenue in Des Moines.  It’s a lovely space, and everything is going to look so beautiful there.  The location is wonderful, too; easy to get to and good visibility.
This weekend I’ll be in Frederick, Maryland, with my old friend Jon Thames at Thames Fine Arts & Framing.  We’ll release two new giclée editions during the show, both featuring black-eyed susans.  Black-eyed susans have been the official flower of Maryland since 1918.

The giclée on paper Black Eyed Susans, above, and the giclée on canvas Floral Elegance, below, will be released during my show with Thames Fine Arts & Framing in Frederick, MD, November 8.  For more information, please contact the gallery at 301-663-0707.

Last week, I wrote about the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education’s annual Teachers’ Conference.  This week I want to take a moment to announce that Dell Philpott, the Foundation’s Program Coordinator, will retire at the end of the year.  Dell has been with the Foundation for twelve years, coming on board a year after the Foundation was started.  She was our administrative/financial assistant before assuming responsibilities for programs as Program Coordinator.  Dell has been the Foundation’s right-hand-woman, and I don’t know what we are going to do without her.  Dell is an extremely talented educator who has used her talents and skills to research and develop art education experiences for children, teachers, administrators, and community partners.  It’s hard to believe that Dell does not come from an arts education background; rather, she has devoted many personal hours to seek out sound art educational practices and methodology.  Her experiences and strong desire to make a difference in children’s exposure to the arts have led her to be a most successful Program Coordinator for the Foundation.  Dell has been the helping hands that have made the Foundation a success.  We owe her our thanks for a job well done.

During the Teachers’ Conference, Dell was presented with a lovely crystal bowl with the Foundation’s “Tree of Learning” logo engraved into the crystal as a token of the Foundation’s Board of Directors’ appreciation.  L. to R.:  Dr. Linda Wilson, Director and Secretary; Dr. Doug Ball, Director; Dell Philpott, Program Coordinator; Chris Bryant, Director; Marion Roark, Director and Treasurer; Mariann Peterson, President; and Boo Elkins, Director.

Dell, may your future years be filled with time to relax, explore, and continue to make a difference in the many lives that you will touch.  You have touched each of our lives, and for that I say, “Thank you!”  We hope that you will continue to give us advice and assistance as we work to expand the Foundation.  You have helped lay a solid footing that the Board will build upon as we work to expand what you have helped to create.  Godspeed!
While I was in Waynesboro last week, I had a mini-family reunion.  I hadn't seen my sister Honey in quite awhile, and I was so happy that she and her husband Bill could drive up from Texas to spend a few days with me.  It was extra special, because our brother Dan and his wife Carol drove down from Pennsylvania.

So happy together!  Clockwise from top:  my sister-in-law Carol Buckley, my brother Dan Buckley, my daughter Ginny, my son-in-law Corrado Gabellieri, my brother-in-law Bill Martin, my sister Mary Martin (a.k.a. Honey), and me.

Also while I was in Waynesboro last week, I saw the dearest movie at Ginny and Corrado’s house.  It was called August Rush, and I highly recommend it.

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