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Dear Friends:

My daughter Patty and I had a great time at Prince Royal’s show in Alexandria, Virginia, last Thursday. Gallery owner Marge Peterson and her friends created a tea party theme for the show, and it was very nice to talk to friends old and new over tea and treats! Boy, do I love treats! I’m afraid I’m going to have to do some serious walking to work them off.

Pat meets Dermot and Margaret Rollinson at Prince Royal Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia.

I had a delightful conversation with a couple about Italy, and I told them that I have a place there. I also told them that I’ll be offering a week’s stay at my Italian home in a fundraising auction next year. The P. Buckley Moss Society will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and the main event will be a gala at the P. Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, Virginia, on June 15. We’ll have an auction, including the week’s stay in Italy and many other wonderful surprises, that will benefit the P. Buckley Moss Foundation for Children’s Education’s Head Start programs.

Pat with Marge Peterson (far right), owner of Prince Royal Gallery, and Jackie Nelson (second from right) and her grandchildren (from the left after Pat), Maizie, Joey, and Tai Li. “What a pleasure to talk to them about their interest in art. Their questions were all great. I loved being with them.”

After Alexandria, we were off to Roanoke, Virginia, and my weekend show with Graphics, Etc. It was great to be back in Roanoke among old friends and to see the Roanoke Farmers’ Market that I’ve used in so many paintings. The Farmers’ Market was also the home of my first one-person museum show. The show was put together by Peter Rippe, who was then the director of the Roanoke Museum of Fine Arts and later became the first director of my own museum in Waynesboro. What an honor and a joy to be back!

Roanoke is a city with great food, and I indulged in my favorite grouper at Awful Arthur’s Restaurant. Delicioso! Fish isn’t fattening, though, right?

Graphics’ owner Mary Ann Warren did an outstanding job framing her show print A Blessed Day, and her display window looked so wonderful. I had done several remarques of the print for the show, and it was such fun to see the differences in them and how she had framed them.

Mary Ann Warren, owner of Graphics, Etc., discusses framing with Pat.

I spent a very special Sunday morning at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, which is the subject of A Blessed Day. Patty and I attended the 9:00 a.m. mass, and the music was glorious, as was the inside of the cathedral. It has the most beautiful German stained glass windows, fifteen of them in the main sanctuary depicting the beloved saints. Built in 1902, the cathedral is a stunning example of Gothic architecture, a monument to the City of Roanoke. I also enjoyed the Monsignor, who delivered the kind of sermon that I love. I felt very much at home there and look forward to going back when I’m in town again.

I wish to say a special thanks to the Moss in the Valley Chapter of the Society. Moss in the Valley members hosted the Foundation’s fundraising dinner at The Hotel Roanoke Saturday night, and it was another fun evening. Patty and I spent a lot of time running back and forth trying to outbid one another on the cosmetics. I won! The dinner itself was, of course, great and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

This weekend I’ll be in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a show with Tim Finn at the Finn Gallery, and we’ll be debuting a new black and white print titled Pelican Roost. Then, I’ll be back in Virginia for Thanksgiving with my family.

Pelican Roost will be released during Pat's visit to Finn Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL, November 17-19. For more information, call (727) 894-2899.

I am ending this newsletter on a sad note. Patty’s beloved friend and companion dog Lizzy was accidentally hit by a truck this week, and we are mourning her loss. Lizzy was the most beautiful and intelligent dog, and I was very attached to her. She was a great comfort to me and wonderful company, and we will miss her dearly. Surely, we will see her again in heaven.


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